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On CBS this time for God's second major, The PGA Championship Luck compelling storylines going in Colin More calla. Try to repeat last year's win Other big names. Try to recapture the championship. Get a major, either their first Wanamaker or add to the stash live coverage of the PGA Championship beginning Saturday, one eastern 10 Pacific. Only on CBS. And again, Brandel Sham bleed. Tomorrow four Eastern one Pacific. He's out there. Help us set the stage for the PGA Championship. All right, taking a charity here, CBS Sports Radio CBS Sports Network. This is interesting. Travis Ctn drafted by the Jaguars in the first round, running back, obviously great running back somebody my partner's raved about from the moment I saw him place like, Yeah, that's I mean many things so smooth man. There's certain guys that you just look at your like, man. Is he even moving? You know, Alvin Camaro is the same way and I didn't know I haven't come here until we had Sean Payton. Remember, we had Sean Payton on before his rookie season. Is that from the tunnel when he called us from the tunnel? Maybe. Yes. It was a preseason preseason game. I get you guys seem come on Camaro, and we're like dude you talking about? I didn't know him, Tennessee. I mean, no name. And then look at him, and he's the same kind of runner. He's just smooth and comfortable and easy with his body doesn't take a lot of hits catches a ton of passes, which is the genesis of the story. Yes, it is, and the Jaguars need Infusion of everything on offense, 30th and points per game. They averaged less than 20 points. Now, a lot of that will be rectified with better quarterback play. But by extension, you wanna have the proper weaponry around young stud Trevor Laurence and Travis ET en while Red that is a running back, and that move was scrutinized Debate. Some people thought that was too high, apparently might be playing some wide out as the master chemist is already mixing and matching in the laboratory. Here's Urban Meyer on what he's trying to see what he's trying to accomplish with getting ET and some reps outside. He's the leading rusher in a C C history, so for him to run inside zone and power and zone right now, we thought, Let's just At the worst case scenario, you have a running back with skill set of a wide receiver. Best case scenario. You have Ah, hybrid player that can do both. And that's what we're hoping. Develop. Take two cute, or is this something that could really work? No, not at all. I'm trying to look real quick, because obviously you know my my NFL statistics as a runner over 10,000 yards as receiver over 5000 yards Which is it's being Marshall Faulk and, um and Methuselah. Marcus Allen are the only players in NFL history with 10,000 yards rushing and 5000 yards. Receiving s O. I mean, I came out of college and people looked at me as a Man. He's a good receiving running back. I had 22 receptions on average per year. So how did you get that reputation that have no because I caught 22 passes that so That's my point, Mel Kiper said he could catch well, not what I could, but I caught 22 passes. But think about that. That's not a lot is what I'm saying. But it is for college running backs and you got a lot of that's a lot of catching. It is so go look at any college running back. You look at You'll see like the numbers are. Yeah, OK, he had like 30 passes something like that. Travis is. Tien had 48 receptions last year, which was the most cities had on his four years. The year before that he had 37 receptions, six touchdowns out of those two years, eight in total over his four years. But he actually is a pass receiving running back. And so when you think about the advantage that that gives you when you think of the lady on bells of the world who caught 80 something passes one year, or Christian McCaffrey, who was the first one And I'm really long time since Marshall actually Since Marshall Faulk did it, I forget what year that was 2000 and two maybe to go for 1000 yards receiving and 1000 yards rushing. If you have a running back with that skill set, it gives you so many more options because you basically can be in a one back set or you could be in a five wide set. And I think that's what urban Meyer is looking for. He has a precedent with this beauty is we all remember From his days in Florida when he had Percy Harvin, who was one of the most dynamic two way player to two position players, not really two way that would that would imply offense and defense, but to position players really in the history of college football, Percy Harvin was and so when you but not in the NFL, which not the NFL it all not in the NFL and all the disappointment of the Yeah, But was it really his skill set or was? I don't know. Or was it the other? Maybe some off the field. It was definitely like to feel stuff. But Travis Ctn seems like a good Levelheaded kid on and so looking at this. I thought it was genius, and I first saw it. He's taken all of his reps of wide receiver. He knows how to be a running back right. He knows how to run between the tackles and know what power looks like and all those other things but Be a wide receiver that that that's a skill that he'll have to learn. And then, ultimately, if this works out drafting him in the first round as a hybrid is actually a genius move because he's more he's more valuable than just a running back who you could have gotten whatever in the second or third round and it's not like urban Meyer just said, Wow. You know, like as he sees them in shorts on the field, maybe I'm gonna mess around..

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