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He was one of the time the regional he will be missed comedian and writer Jack burns apps best known for his comedy partnerships with George Carlin and with Avery Schreiber has passed away at the age of eighty six as confirmed by George Carlin's daughter Kelly a foundational piece of the car legacy has gone to the big comedy club in the sky Jack was one of the sharpest MF resign Neil the shape my father's mind in unique ways rest in peace Jack burns burns manager Peter Santana released a statement he's been in senior care for the last two years in good spirits and surrounded by friends and cases of diet coke he also I want to know well somebody gets a diet coke he also didn't walk the last two years it was remain seated he was sharp as does attack mentally he achieved many great things but his most recent was hitting the thirty one year so can December truly a sweet and talented man also you but remember him as a so the any Griffith Show it went on with well he went on without going on he went on without Andy Griffith yeah but now when gone knots laughed as Barney Fife the deputy Jack burns took over as the deputy and he was like in these nephew or something like well they were all yeah yeah yeah Arnie was indeed that away and Barney was in these calls and yeah because Mandy yeah so branch but Jack burns and he was great for doing that routine with Peter burns and I think he did it in some commercials to I mean with the burn Jack burns and Avery Schreiber Schreiber lord and the end Shriver was like a cab driver and he'd be in the back of the cabin go well you know what I mean huh you know I don't yeah you know what I mean don't but I I remember him from mom the famous Friday's Andy Kaufman incident No Way Out yeah because Jack burns B. one of the writers who toward the end of the sketch you want to call it that indeed disrupted an entire sketch and just decided he didn't want to do the lines Kay and everybody was saying yeah everybody was getting mad at him and it was a bit but he was he came up to the end of this at the end of the sketch and tried to get in the off the stage and and he's yelling to the director go to commercial go to commercial and any kind of gestures at him a little rattling and Jack burns pushes him back and they almost get into a fight and and and he was just messing around he wasn't yeah well they they didn't tell anybody that and he was going to do that except for a producer new dat Netflix docu series that explores the life of Aaron Hernandez's made waves claiming that he engaged in same sex relationships I watch the prior to his twenty seventeen death well I sure Jana Jenkins Hernandez told ABC news Amy Robach was unaware of her fiance's intimate relationship with a former high school teammate before hand of the thirty year old said she would not of love him any differently had he been hiding his sexuality but wish he would have told her had it been true I would have understood a concern and as said in the clip of the upcoming in an upcoming interview it's not shameful and I don't think anybody should feel ashamed of who they are inside regardless of who they love it's a beautiful thing I just wish I was able to tell him that where's the gun sharana it would've been hard to watch some of the water would come over to the and she had the gun so I just it is just sad that he was he couldn't tell me that in that he murdered people yeah that was sad that was said ten you had the garden area out of jail a a local pizza place is feeling heat in Ohio over one of their billboards yeah out on their Billboard people are harder to kidnap come by it's a Jeremy Jeremy Clemson owns east of Chicago pizza but Barberton I don't find it amusing it's not amusing he says he started putting up a comical billboards how about six months ago to attract more business one of the Billboard said fat people are harder to kidnap you shouldn't make a joke about kidnapping regardless of what it is all I thought it was just as Laura hawks Statler I think it was just importation very offensive said another customer claims and said I'm I'm sorry you're probably right I I'll stick with like please legalize marinara and free box with every pizza just trying to be for me I had on my sign in front for three weeks nobody said anything but I guess it is a little over the top a teacher's aide here in Utah arrested thirty three year old woman arrested at the wall sexual district she was arrested for providing alcohol to students and encouraging them to have sex with each other Ashley and Morgan a Park City booked into the Summit County jail for investigation she it is alleged that by seventeen year old student that Morgan who used to be an employee with the division of child and family services he invited her into male students to her home to drink the female student said that Morgan provided her with alcohol and the male students and encourage the female student to have sexual contact back with one of the mails investigators say Morgan later text of the female student telling her if she was interviewed by the authorities to tell them she was never at Morgan's house and nothing happened and threaten to disclose personal information about the student if she didn't do that leaving that text as evidence spokeswoman for the loss at school districts of Morgan has been with the district for less than a year and will no longer be there and finally this hundreds of millions of desert locusts are swarming so what are you doing this to me in Ethiopia Kenya and Somalia some of the biggest numbers seen in more than twenty five years unusually wet weather and the presence of Satan has contributed to the massive outbreak of locus driving an explosion that the the locals are destroying crops threatening food security across the road we know how to handle those things here send of the singles what California Siegel every go they'll go in they'll eat their fill and then they'll fly over the great Salt Lake and this gorge their load of see crickets and then go back any more that's what they did here in the Salt Lake valley said jealous that's why the Salt Lake those grades all like a salty and that's why this season and that's why the Siegel is our state bird got the California Gold California Siegel California goals are state bird because they made a belly full of great that's many fly out made Rick Burt regurgitating Cup it was a miracle and that's why the great Salt Lake is something that's not something that begins with them but Boehner.

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