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To economic good times in 1969 I'm Brendan hazelton Four 48 We've got your traffic on the weather on the 8s Here's Joe Conway in the WTO traffic center Shane will start off on the capitol bell William Virginia infected the Woodrow Wilson bridge slow on both loops across the bridge in both directions nothing complicated there should be all volume staying in Virginia belly delays through Tyson's corner going north as usual heading up toward the American legion bridge I 66 you'll slow eastbound briefly as you make your way toward the beltway then briefly across the Roosevelt bridge 95 corridor sat bound jammed out of newington toward the aqua Quan slowing briefly through triangle where it's raining and after that the pace is good north and delays through Stafford also heading into some rain passing across the 95 quarter beyond that the pace is good the easy pass lanes are north Three 95 north mainline delays leave The Pentagon toward the inbound 14th street bridge George Washington Parkway the stall was north down near the scenic overlook stay to the left to get by On the Maryland beltway addled of sozo Georgetown road Montgomery county toward the American legion bridge on the end of the beltway expect to find delays coming through college park and stretches toward Largo should be for a few breaks along the way than briefly across the Wilson bridge out of oxen hill had an earlier crash in jacobsville and arundel county that closed 100 near mountain road Everything's been wrapped up there nothing complicated to talk about District side on the two 95 corridor northbound slow from 6 95 to a Pennsylvania avenue SAP back to 95 slows as you approach about 50 then it gives you make your way in the district all the way South Korea's capital street the sea of an earlier crash three 95 south delays leave the tunnel toward the app bound case bridge on three 95 north inside the tunnel the earlier stall was near D street along the left Brought to you by ID made the identity verification company committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans ID slash our promise I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic All right Joe we've got a live weather report now is storm team force clay Anderson It wasn't terribly cold today but for real when does it start getting warmer You ask all the right questions because I've got.

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