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Put took it red sox owner former fleet financial group leader terry murray uh gives donations to governor gina raimondo that might uh that might be popping up as far as the hole um controversy over whether or not we want to spend tax dollars building the plus oc stadium very interesting so she's gotten some donations there but uh as far as who were some of the influential names behind governor raimondo's impressive camping bank account uh certainly if they're gonna give it she's gonna take it i understand uh i'll read to you a tina writes to me why is anyone from out of state donating to our governor what are they hoping to gain they aren't helping the citizens of the state of rhode island and those californians that are donating are doing so because they liked the fact that she wants a sanctuary state uh i don't know about that it is interesting though four three eight nine seven seven six four three eight wpro also um governor ellen uh excuse me um mayor allan fung campaign a candidate for governor that is says she needs to fly around the country for the money because she knows she so disliked here at home that's a pretty rough statement he has uh not even i think he's got just about two hundred fifty thousand dollars and um trailing also is patricia morgan um but boy aboard nobody can fundraise like governor gina raimondo we go to babi in providence on wpro high bobby are you monica good morning um i'm a little concern amount of money governor has to get reelected uh wonder if maybe you could dig into in the past used what's the most someone has to run for office for this law missile governor white so bizarre that all this monies foreign money for modern rhode island when i sleep fire and i mean nobody in rhode island to give that kind of money to come up with that total so there's the fish smells there's something behind this era and if you look at contracts that have been given out then she's been governor while she was treasurer leading up to it i think you're gonna find a little n o where this.

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