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The combination of racial tension and and teenage hormones at concerts proved violent bottlethrowing tear gas stabbings arrests here's domino biographer rick coleman it was not an easy time period even though the music was built a full enjoying full it was a hard birth by 1960 domino's audience was overwhelmingly white and boy what a wide spectrum of white people they were in south carolina the ku klux klan gave the band directions by the light of a burning cross saxophone player herbert hardisty was driving the domino bus at the vega of our five bennett this directive klu klux klan the simple whereas abdel abdel his died here is there were what are you guys doing asu arm loss of traffic your back to the highway and they will very nice kuku have plant trees sarah nice the british invasion sent nearly every american performer tumbling down the charts and yet longtime confidante i day ellis says domino wouldn't change a note he said then up play i want the people to here exactly what they used to hearing on the rapid and eventually that was one of the things that made him reluctant to play let's say let's he was afraid that he would nasa a word on what him domino toured for many years but eventually settled into life at his compound in the low overnight wart cooking loads of hogshead cheese for as many friends then kim hurricane katrina and everybody thought fats was dead link between a key on that would say he wanted to leave it he said were con man would not be far left my family it alone leave the family survived fats domino lived out the post katrina years in a suburb of new orleans with one of his eight children but his house still stance on captains street in the lower ninth ward the initials f d are on the front facade there are a reminder of the greatness the neighborhood once produced of the golden age of new orleans music and of the fat man who rock the world for npr news i'm going tompkins in new orleans if in view aw on may and june and listening to all things considered from npr news kqed news with tara psychic tara seiler starts after this traffic update from julie deppish oh finally veteran news on.

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