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And sixty even i'm so nervous you're usually overweight while you nervous i'm just nervous i'm going to end up with type two diabetes with d i thought you meant you were gonna say something wrong no i'm nervous you're nervous about diabetes to yeah it sounds like it's virtually predestined that we're going to get it i don't think it's in my family but i'm overweight and forty seven years old yeah i need to get my act together like now yes in it's not like now wait another five or six years and then tackle it and there's no reason for us to like just put it off until the end we can say like you can you can reverse pre diabetes yeah diet and exercise you don't even if you have prediabetes you can which is you have higher than normal blood sugars we'll see but you don't have full blown diabetes yet and you can actually reverse course it's not too late doing something like what you're talking about the very and it's great this is a wakeup call like your body literally can inch up to that line and if you do the right thing it can go all right yeah i'll back off then i like like the way you're going like what what i'm saying give me some more celery baby get on that peleton chuck those are both market right there well they're an advertiser with us are they still while they were still have that thing i love it it's nice i just need to love every day right not like i love it every couple of weeks crush a hill you know anyway type to like i said is about ninety ninety five percent in this is when you have higher insulin in your blood not lower like the case of type one right because you have a lot of insulin it's just not working which is why type two diabetes is also called insulin resistant diabetes is that right non insulindependent okay insulin resistant yeah okay yeah so that means that your body's producing insulin just fine but for some reason or another in this seems to be the mystery at the heart of diabetes your cells don't respond.

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