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Or a uh no a straight parody we we we had and anka's were jazz fans we had certain standards but um you know it had to be it had to sort of you know pass for straight even know we knew it was an analyst like a custody i didn't i don't like in i didn't i didn't we didn't want the umer to be broad in oh we wanted to be a nuanced see listening to wrong stunned music now in the studio with donald fagan i'm brian high and we'll be right back have you ever wondered how that perfect song ended up in them unforgettable tv moment each week gun show stop spotify xavier jernigan spotlights a tv show or film explores its unique sounds through interviews with the music supervisors composers and talent create relieved the most memorable music moments was show staff returning monday november twenty seven exclusively on spotify and a new home and four years house tuition in not retirement in fifteen for lives most important events there is a with but in order to plan properly you also need to have ice shares understands the importance of how like how to start building for the things that matter most today so by the time when arrives you'll be ready i shares by black rock fire to one more thing we're conducting a survey we'd be grateful for your help an answer a few questions they'll take less than ten minutes of your time and your participation helps support this podcast please go to sleep dot com slash survey two to complete the short survey now thicky.

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