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Is back Basketball came back couple nights ago. They're not playing defense in the N B a anymore. He's back. He's back. That's all I care about. And I think what the lightning play Monday. Yeah, they were. They started capitals. I think that's what it was. And then those Bruins and fliers and the Flyers, I think, is ah, teeth to be determined. Yes. So I hate TV. D by the way TV at that. That is the worst type of Tampa Bay TV. So everyone was blow me up about the Lightning's exhibition game going Exhibition. I can't get crazy, but I know people are just dying for hockey to come back because they're so excited about the lightning put a hurting on the Panthers and I go. It's exhibition. Let's get through the round Robin. Remember last year we lost in the first round. We're not losing the first round is going to be. I think they're going all the way up. Being that such Tampa Bay we busted stepped on a bunch of light where spiritually grounds are this year because we lost everything. Yeah. WrestleMania WrestleMania. Now they're saying for the bucks, they're only allowing, like probably a handful of fans in what's so what's going on with hockey? Our fans? Yes. No, like no fan, nothing, Okay, see, that's how you were as we were talking during the break. How n Bekah How the hockey are doing it without, you know, Corona virus cases going up. That's how is because there's they're They're so tight on everything that's going on. Well therein bubbles so exactly half the NHL teams. The Eastern Conference seems Aaron Toronto, the Western Conference teams Edmonton. And then in basketball, they're all in Orlando, and they're keeping inside the bubble like And if you leave the bubble I mean, they're stitches or bitches before stitching people out like this person left, not stopping at strip clubs for wings. That person was out for 10 days s over baseball man. But I heard if the Wings air good, then it's only a song. If you have good thighs, you know you're good to go, but You know if baseball another team goes down like the Marlins, we're going to have to cancel Halsey's They really are I What is this? It's first day of August, but they've only been back a week later. We can have doesn't give it a week and 1/2 and the N B A. R. The MLB is gonna have to shut it down. So the Bucks open training camp on Tuesday. It's going to be interesting to see how that reacts because didn't someone already test positive? They've had a few players test positive on DH. They've got a real strong protocol. But what's gonna happen is this is that out of all the sports the NFL Just like soccer in Europe. It's an 11 figure industry billions of $13 billion a year. You can't just skip a season. There is no way and I will say there is no way that they're going to shut that season might delayed a couple of weeks or four games or my shut it down for a couple weeks. But Roger Goodell will do everything in his power with those owners, because one thing they don't like to do is lose money. I'm surprised they're not going to just do a game and then two week break in between so that way everybody can quarantine for those 14 days before the next game. If you have a year long season at that point, it's either that or it could shut down in a month. What you have to have the stability of constant. The only way to do that is if you leave Prague. So if you had one, said Yeah, one week and that another set of teams play another week and then, But they would have tojust a schedule. College football's trying to do a thing to where they're just playing with in conference. I don't see how that's gonna work because you have college students if they're going to be on campus. Just like If you look at Rutgers University, they just had a massive corona virus outbreak because a lot of the players want his big giant frat house party on campus. The ignorance of it is is that look, you're not Invincible. No. The other. Anyone could get it right. So I mean, you're going to these parties and 21 I'm in great shape by 5% body fat all of a sudden here and now you have percent lung capacity. Exactly. That's no fun when you have lost 50% to tell you from experience. Yeah. Denise? Yeah. What you got in pieces? Either it's from China. Or we think it's from China or something from China. Pretty much everything. Tick talk and turns out, you probably do have to stop following up on a piece from last month and President Trump threatened to take action falling a ticket reservation campaign. Reportedly coordinated on tick talk by those in opposition to him on Friday night, said he intends to ban the Chinese own video sharing app Tic tac from operating in the U. S quote as Faras. Tic Tac is concerned. We're banning them from the United States, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force Force One last night. He said he planned to take action against the Social Media platform as soon as Saturday today. And that he could use emergency economic powers or an executive order to enact the ban, further saying, quote I have that authority. He also made it clear that he would be not be placated by an American company acquiring Tic Tac's U. S operations. The announcement came hours after reports that Microsoft was in talks to purchase the immensely popular APP from Beijing based bite dance. Officials have expressed concern that the Chinese government is using the APP to tap user data. And, according to Bloomberg News, the US has been investigating potential security rest. Tic Tac has insisted, has never provided user data to.

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