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Yeah yeah so. The watcher called silver pit crater is the one that's out there. Oh yeah there's outer silver pit lake. That's probably on your map there. That's probably what the the lakewood have been there. You go silver pit. Yeah so. I mean you know There's not there's also one in the south china sea there's a giant area of coastal shelf. That's underwater now that would have been exposed during the ice age yet over by korea. There's a pretty large area in the persian gulf. I mean there's spots all over the place. I would have been a lot of. These are are a long ways away from the pillars of hercules. So yeah you know. The dog land is is enticing. because it's so close But yeah i mean you know. It's there's a lot of places that are now underwater. That people have pointed to as possible places for atlantis. Just because of the the coastal shelf all being inundated We're gonna go into some of the bronze age theories real quick before we before we move on The silver pit trader is Twenty kilometer crater like form named after the silver pit which is a nearby floor valley Recognized by generations of fishermen and it was discovered during a routine analysis of seismic data collected during an exploration for gas in the in the southern north sea sedimentary basin. So it's yeah. It's in the north sea off the coast of the island of great britain but I remember what what happened. Was looking for I was reading on the legends of the shammar. And i was looking for other ancient strange tools and things that may have been given the can cut stone and one of those that came up obviously was excalibur. The sword that was given to arthur. And we've talked about that being something that could have been right out of out of greater lady of the lake. Yeah right gives up the medal from the so there's this crater and they believed that it was exposed at that time i was like excalibur came from atlantis. Sure anyway moving on so yeah probably the most popular bronze age theory would-be the minoan hypothesis. Which is basically. it's that. Atlantis was in either century near crete. There's various versions of this But the minoan 's were a bronze age culture that was essentially forgot not entirely forgotten about. They're still there. Traces of them in greek myth. But they're mostly forgotten until they were discovered nineteen hundred on on the island of crete. And so the the this structure here that's on the screen as a reconstruction of the palace of knossos And this would be the you know the main palace of the minoan empire or kingdom what you'll see. There's there's a structure on the right event. It's these it's.

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