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Thing but if they just saw something and they didn't follow up on it in any way a and kept it separately than compartmentalize than that i don't know i don't know the answer to that i didn't go to law school john hi good morning your wbt common on the on the fruit of the poisonous tree yeah uh what would involve a lot of times the search warrant but yet on go on the war that allowed to enter the property uh the equi wooded evident looking for what they picked upon were located they have to be very about water going nuts but at oracle property an amendment so even the things that are attorney on a privilege they could have requested the judge allow that later on but they may have irked turn equivalent information that was relate to russian collusion not necessarily financial crime so if they found thing art evident that they would use to help convict order help the environment even if it wasn't panic criblic it wasn't wrappers in the third warned that the judge found out on that to be in admit court under the for the doctor i understand i think i understand what you're saying schiff i want a war it and day and i think somebody's a drug dealer than i am specifically asking for a war to go look for because i believe that there are drugs and maybe the cash that goes along within the weapons go along with it that allows me because i'm providing to the judge a specific backup lable oh you know something that i can support to say this is why i think it's their please let me go look is that the first part that i understand correctly yet so if you go in and on baker jordan and your carpet money in the fame bok then you can't claim that that counterfeit money is used for drug and you in turn out as hard for having fake merchandiser a bootleg good happy related to what the search warrant outlined that you're looking for okay i would say counterfeit money that's considered federal issue that's a treasury issue in the secret service issue so i don't know are you a are you are you a lawyer i i'm not that up work in uh in the field bomb k educate pardon uh home court but i have it covered nickel out in college but it has been a walk the bureau.

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