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Welcome to historical figures i'm vanessa richardson ina carter wore every wednesday we discussed the different persons lasting historical impact unique personality and impression on the world around them are audio biographies cover big lives but we like to focus on little known facts today we delve into the fascinating life of sigmund freud if you want to listen to any previous episode you can find them on your favorite podcast directory and while you're there we'd really appreciate if you could leave a five star review now back to the life of sigmund freud uh many no the famous psychologist as the proprietor of dream analysis and the originator of the famous or infamous oedipus complex but did you know that freud was actually the founder of an entire international psychology movement or that he battled not only fellow psychologists but also an ailment derived from his own peculiar habits or that he escaped persecution from the nazis during the holocaust in fact the life of sigmund freud is a lot more colorful than psychology textbooks make it out to be and although his theories are often discredited in modern psychological discourse there's no denying that freud was a pioneer who opened up a global conversation about how psychology in medicine interact as well as writing about some of the most interesting if not bizarre psychological case studies of his time like that of the little boy whose fear of horses supposedly heads sexual regions king but we'll get to that in good time right you need to get ahead of ourselves why don't we start at the beginning.

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