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W E R C in the batter. Country fried advance in League City You're on the Michael Berry Show. Go ahead, Vance. The would have about and the possibility of doing in the United States. Not only I Most everybody I know wants to like industry quite often. March April last year on we've gone from about Ray's running this town last year to currently 250 for everybody talking about It's a fact sure is about back in the energy sector and wondered what your thoughts are. No, it's it's a good question in a mindful of advance It's an important industry in this country, not just as an employer. But American consumers I am scared, truly scared. Of a Biden administration because of the setbacks. To our energy development. We became energy independent when they said we couldn't do it all while ensuring that we wouldn't do it. Joe Biden said in Florida earlier this week that there would be no drilling on the shelf off the Florida coast, no offshore drilling under his administration. This is a man who has said that fossil fuels or for yesterday we need renewable and solar and wind, which is fine. But those make up a small percentage of our energy capacity. You don't just ramped those things up. Fossil fuels are very efficient. We efficiently extract and use them. It's a great employer, and it's great for consumers and when you can't buy a tank of gas or when a company can't afford the energy to power your business. That's a really problem. But here's here's all you need to know. Joe Biden said this week that he does not think the green new deal goes to far so he's no longer saying Well, it's great. You remember When the green new deal came up. As proposed by Alexandria, Cossio Cortes, that brilliant scientist slash businessman Mitch McConnell said, OK, we'll put it up for a vote. And do you remember not a single Democrat. The Senate voted for it, so they keep running around the country, saying Green New Deal Green new deal, But they won't vote for it because they know that once they vote for it there on the record, and then people will actually look at what's in it. See, and they can't have them. Do listen to this farm Bureau. Also Republican who voted for President Trump in 2016, Julie, Welcome Thank you. How are you feeling out, Julie. Good evening over a relation puts an extreme burden on small and family owned farms and is contributing factor to many farms going out of business. Policies during the Obama administration, such as the rules under the waters of the US Act, threatened to increase that regulation as his policies proposed through the green new deal. Which your climate plan embraces. It doesn't hold me if I could finish. I'm sorry. Thank you. How do you plan to decrease The regulatory burden for farmers and businesses as a whole to number one. Last farmers by dealing with you being able to put land and land banks and you get paid to do that to provide form or open space and provide for the ability Of you to be able to be in a position that we are going to pay you for planting certain crops and, in fact absorb carbon from the air. That's part of what the plan remains, too, in terms of agriculture and and the environment. But as relates to if you're talking about regulation relates to fertilizer and water tables. That's a different thing in the United States in my state of Delaware. We have a $4 billion industry, chickens, chicken and chicken, poultry and all. What is all the all the manure? Quite Frankly, that is a consequence of Chickens and so is polluting the chest. Big bang what we found out We invest a lot of money We find out you can politicize this and take out Take out the methane. So you're in a position where you can use that fertilizer without the damage that was being done before. Same way with horse manure and common whore and pig manure. It's and we can create thousands of jobs in rural America as the consequence of setting up the small industries within communities. Caleb, you're only Michael Barry Show. Go ahead, sir. God bless America and God Bless the truck. 2020. I wonder. Hey. Ah! Wanted to hear my my my dinger called in your guests. And what is it that I got Mr Michael buried here as well. You bought the dinger from our website. Did you hear? That sounds better years We're gonna do that one more time. Oh, yeah. Way. What we don't have us like we're gonna have us.

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