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Yes, I know what a transformer does. And how does it? And so yes, if one could direct ones nerve endings to act in effect as a transformer would. And I can imagine that could be done with your brain. Then you could take it around and around and around and around and produce a tremendous amount of voltage from that infinitesimal amount of voltage definitely could be done. If you could do it pretty good analogy. Actually, this is coast to coast AM. You're listening to art bell somewhere in time tonight, featuring coast to coast AM from may eighth two thousand one. Get a new view of the world with coast to coast AM. Do you still think too that the way things are going global elites still want to dominate the planet and that they might succeed? Well, I think they did dominate the planet for a long time until seventeen seventy six because the founding fathers decided to form a new form of government one that was based on laws that were eternal certain rights that people have unalienable will the all the people that had ruled the earth the cool dated like that. So for two hundred and forty two years they've been trying to get it back. And we America has resisted it. And that's the fight that we see going on right now, doesn't it still feel out of kilter to you? There's something wrong. There's a grand force. That's out there that need not just once they need to capture the souls of the world. But I don't think they're going to win. I don't think they're going to win here. Stacy Cohen with the daily consumer on XM, satellite radio..

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