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Talks. 7275791025. Hi, Sam. Bye, Sam. Take it easy. Thanks a lot for hanging out with us today. What's up, John? Hey, what's going on? Drill Longtime listener man. You've got a great show. You've got a great cast, and I love hearing you every day. Thanks, man. That's super nice. The phone that you were Drew Drew Drew ng is all or nothing By Milli Vanilli. He is absolutely correct. And that's how I feel about tonight's game, all or nothing. It's got to be, and I hope it's all be go little Milli Vanilli, by the way. And the Milli Vanilli thing is so fascinating because when you think Milli Vanilli in those songs that they had from girl, you know it's true to all or nothing to. It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is a home, please. Over. Nice. Yeah, that's the one that was a great album, right? But But when you hear it, I loved it like their first. Their first five hits were all made of five words or five letter or five words in the Senate. The title Thank you. So when when you when you think about them singing those songs you think about rob and fab the to darker skin fellas with the dreadlocks who did the cool dance moves. They didn't sing a note. It was too old German guys who did the studio recordings and then they weren't obviously physically appealing enough to go on camera and do videos and concerts and whatnot. So they got the young, attractive rob and fab out there to lip sync. The songs. But I know you sound like a bright guy. I'm a somewhat bright guy. I know they're not singing those songs yet Still in my head when I'm singing girl, you know it's true. It's Robin Fab, singing those songs, right? Absolutely as they sell it. Well, they sure do And they would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids, uh, and the club MTV concert. We do where the records skipped and and and they just had to run off stage like Ashlee Simpson or Mariah Carey. It was even worse than that, because I remember as a club MTV concert. Hosted by downtown Julie Brown, Wahba Wahba Wahba and, uh and there on stage and they're doing girl. You know it's true, and they're in these bike shorts like the spandex bike shorts and the multi colored tops and everything, and they're like Yes. You know yet you know it yet. You know it. Yeah, and it starts skipping and they look at each other like Rob. What are we to do? I don't know. Fab. We must run off stage in embarrassment, and they just run off the stage. And then it comes out there to give their Grammys back because they were lip sinking. It was quite the scandal at the time and I just I feel bad for those two dudes who really were singing because they had great voices. And they constructed some pretty damn good songs. Catchy songs, But Robin Fab got all the credit. One of them is dead. He killed himself. And I think the other one so like I mean, it was very ashamed of their of the Milli Vanilli scandal. Are you calling to drink? Okay, A song for us, My good man. I will drink. Okay. A song. I'd love to hear you do it. The ready? Yes. May I ask? Alright Mask does this song sum up your feelings about tonight's Game seven with the lightning in the Islanders. Oh, without a question. All right. You ready? I am. True, True, True, True, True? True? True. True. True. Who grew through true to go? Oh, I know. I know it to do to to to to to do do do do do do do do.

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