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To the down and dirty radio show powered by Larisa Razor today I am surround ended by absolute royalty some of the two biggest baddest dude ever stepped foot on a dirt bike and they are on the show today the King Mr Showtime Jeremy McGrath long awaited debut on the dirty radio show eight years in the making and we have loud showtime on the show Coming off a big double double win big sweep of the weekend the Lucas Oil off road racing series I am absolutely thrilled to death to have Jeremy McGrath on the show finally today so yes I can promise you probably won't be more years two we have Jeremy Again but he's on the show this weekend also got a little bit of a teaser so as you know last week I sat down with Brian Deegan at his compound there in southern California we record an hour-long interview that is absolutely amazing it already dropped on project action on podcast one but I'm GonNa give you a ten minute teaser of that hour long interview today number one I think you guys are really really going to enjoy it it's talking about his I guess his relationship with Travis Pastrana and their beef they had you know how they kinda put it aside aid but that is a teaser so you definitely want to go and check out the entire interview on project action that's already dropped also check out Brian Deacon's new podcast on podcast us one it is called the INS I guess coincidentally enough Travis Pastrana so make sure and check that out man it is we got podcast coming out our ears this week stuff thank you guys for being tuned in here you know always as always tweet me out Jimmy for fifteen if you've got a guest question also have a big dose of power rankings with curse Leoni he's going to be on we'll have tiffany stone she's on our number to give us an offroad update we got LS rally coming up Sima Trail Chima all kinds of stuff going on so she'll be in the show to cap things off later on in our number two but it is a big massive show today to the best dirt bike riders of all time right here on the down and dirty radio Joe powered by Polaris if Brian Deegan the general and Showtime Jeremy McGrath don't get you excited I don't know what will so hang tight we'll be back after more right after this short commercial thank you want extreme performance reliability and the most fun you can have on four wheels the players razor brings it to you but you don't take my word for it you can take there's tanner fouls tonight choose the Polaris Razor because it's the most fun you can have with the steering wheel what's up I'm Ronnie Renner and I choose Polaris Razor because it's the sickest most reliable side by side on the planet up everybody heavy diesel brothers listen I'm on team razor because it's hands down the best piece of machinery on plant I'm RJ Anderson and I choose place razor because it's most fun most capable machines action sports stars TV personalities and some of the best race car drivers in the world choose Polaris Razor because it's the ultimate combination of power suspension agility and fun find out more information on the web at police razor dot com or follow polar Razer on facebook instagram and twitter and use the Hashtag razor life to share your story the poor W. 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