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A bunch of gun who low who ordered two pizzas guys so they go up to james cromwell's office and start hacking the net or whatever the fuck we're told that there was this fifty two million dollar bank it's to a syrian bank owned by the russian mafia we but the russian mafia is introduced earlier in the film so it's not technically a third act russian mafia fiat i'll tell you that you better believe it so whatever she gets kidding they get separated he gets the disc or whatever he realizes it's all gonna take place on the docks tonight right she gets kidnapped my missing anything that really just a hilarious thing where arnold uses acuity guard as a human shield which eight chevy robert pastorelli is like look man i'm gonna help you out you help me out you got me out of that trouble with the us oh buco what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna go back to my cousin tony two toes and we're going to crack the single no no no no no no no no once you're a mobster and you rat on anyone in the mafia the rest the entire mafia god bless them or against you they that's the problem with this movie i'm in love with this film there's your movie has a fundamental misunderstanding of how the mossy up what should have been was john the eraser krueger calls up the mafia that controls these baltimore docks and says like how about the exchange you help me with this i throw you this piece of shit fuck and rip from them upon apart that total dude if he secretly turned on him pastor just got murdered in his last words this we were i thought we had a deal and then he gets shot in the head plus know maybe he and he can open his whole book then who else do want but i mean that's the thing is that what i understand what the mafia is they will always go after x rats even if somebody from the mafia is taking their daughter to visit colleges you know what i mean that's how that works yeah it doesn't matter if you take your daughter on a college visit you fucking notice this dude you're fucking kill neck you make the first grade episode of a great series i mean that's how that works that's yeah but when you're dealing with frankie three nuts or whatever three not whatever the fuck i eighty spock in does this is a real fucking day us x mafia by the way yes yes what are the fucking odds that this dudes cousin operates the exact docks where this deal is going down fucking kidding me and it's the guy it's one of the the bigger gangsters from casino fat dude the doodo he's in the analyze this and that was like if chas pulmonary ate too much and then melted fitter rallies this guy's name long deceased i'm sure he hit a big nineties yeah he did is tony longo one of the other ones yes tony long long pets really shows hey hey thought you ratted out the rest of you crew and he's like i did but those guys were scumbags yeah it's cool nah we get the help you end the federal government excellent the matia loves it is being patriots and the federal do have a contract we could sign for you they would just get a cut of this action it's happening fifty two million dollars whereas our piece you using my docs for let's go to the auspices in which they like infiltrate this thing it's like you got no union guys on this illegal crime which is kinda great at the end of this movie they're like wait a second we have to have a pro union message right somebody needs to for christ's sake but it's kind of weird because i was really i'm pretty sure this is the first time in a movie that i've seen anyway where like you had it's not entirely mickey mouse but it's pretty much mickey mouse mafia mafia sure running up against like an action movie in such a hard core like arnold schwarzenegger action movie okay what they actually kill a couple people they're like batman the animated series level give them let's though town demographia from tomb towns while they are as for me i'll there executing all those dudes they're the look on their faces like i can't believe fucking action movie arnold schwarzenegger years that's the.

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