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The loudest voices at the massive demonstration was that of Houston police chief art Acevedo who urged peaceful protesters to be vigilant for those who would make trouble when it was over about two hundred people have been arrested some for throwing rocks and bottles most for civil disobedience in Washington DC National Guard troops guarded monuments overnight earlier in the day people chanted outside the White House and again asked about the clearing of that crowd for the president's a photo op of the church across from the White House is former chairman of the joint chiefs admiral Mike Mullen calling it a stunt and saying he was sickened and that president trump quote laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protests in this country former president George W. bush also speaking out in support of protesters saying it remains a shocking failure that many African Americans especially young African American men are harassed and threatened in their own country BC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega crowds gathering around the world big marches in Sydney Australia and in Paris France ABC's Maggie Rulli in London despite the corona virus pandemic these crowds are still out here protesting that's also despite the fact that many governments have warned against large gatherings like the Stanford University professor Dr Yvonne Maldonado warning that these marches could lead to a spike in corona virus cases it seems like it's a double edged sword here because I get that people are feeling unhappy and anxious but they have to be very careful resident trump tweeting late last night the Republican Party is looking for another place to hold its national convention outside Charlotte because North Carolina governor Roy Cooper's insisting on social distancing in masks this is ABC news stay informed the caramel morning news it's five oh two and good morning the call more morning news starting off under cloudy skies in Seattle it's fifty two degrees along with Gregg Hersholt about the factor here the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan will likely be called on to explain the use of police force against black lives matter marchers when she meets with protest leaders today that meeting follows another night in which police and protesters clash and we get the update from Carmel's Corwin hake once again last night police launch flash bang grenades and tear gas canisters into a crowd of protesters gathered on capitol hill near the Seattle police east precinct it happened late at night after most of the days marchers had dispersed earlier March organizers had implored protesters to remain peaceful and in an impromptu appearance before thousands of protesters mayor Durkan acknowledge their grievances we've got to be a better city better it was then Durkan promised to meet with local protest leaders later today to talk about police escalation and about officers controversial practice of taping over their badge numbers making them harder to identify Corwin hate komo news mayor Durkan said she and public safety officials will meet with protest leaders at three o'clock this afternoon for the first time in several days there were fewer than two hundred newly diagnosed covert nineteen positive test results in Washington however some believe this might be the calm before the storm income most Brian Calvert explains there seems to be a law in the daily numbers which is always seen as good news until you factor in the other things happening in the world like protests we are on the phone a watch for epidemiology data and what might be happening there we certainly encourage people to avoid crowds as John Huisman head of the state health department after watching crowds of people take to the streets the last several days he's expressing some pretty legitimate concerns about crowds of strangers coming together yesterday we've been reminded reporters that twenty five to forty percent of those carrying the coronavirus don't show any symptoms at all so in the next week we as men will be watching out for spikes in new cases that could have a protest connection speaking of potential spikes if covert nineteen takes about fourteen days to reveal itself to those who do get sick we're nearly two weeks from the start of the Memorial Day weekend when several people left their houses and some even left the state Brian Calvert komo news is five oh four here's what's coming up after we check traffic.

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