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Im in houston texas about three hours away near the campus of a very very left wing. University of texas in austin is our friend. Katie mcfarland former deputy national security adviser. She's in the lone star state to talking forget. Her book is revolution trump washington. We the people all right. Kt there's a lot to cover today. You ready ready to buckle up. I'm reading all right story out. Hunter biden emails. They looked to be authentic Legit i guess for two million dollars you could have hunter biden moolah as people trying to unfreeze freeze libyan assets. This is very dangerous. The white house is for sale. We know that. Kim your take on that and then what other black males floating around around there. Yeah i'm not surprised at this story. I think a lotta people for a long time. If now that the biden inc was a pay to play scheme whether it was with ukraine weather was with russians whether it was you know chinese anybody. That was the way you got access to. Joe biden vice-president and probably way to get access to him as president is to pay the family to get married. Get something what has always upset me about. This is why the media crush the story so the new york post had. The story had a laptop have the emails and in trying to report it the rest of the media crush them in fact the social media twitter banned the new york post the oldest newspaper in the united states banned them for their having a story that was critical of joe biden during the presidential campaign so to me. It's a bigger problem than just corruption. The white house. It's it's corruption the media you know the watchdog. We're not watching. In fact they were actively working on the other side. It's an obvious question. Katie mcfarland great friend of our show if it was done junior if it was eric trump if it was jared kushner and it was an email that said you know greece this guy too large and you can affect international policy. It would be dead. Presidents is font on the papers microwave. Oh absolutely and and. I think that this is what the most of the american people don't really understand said. The media to a large can't trust him anymore. They're in the game they're not. They're not a an unbiased reporter of facts for the large part of the media they have become the press secretary to the socialist movement and the movement of gathering more and more power to the federal government. More and more of your tax dollars. The federal government will decide. Who's worthy of getting dollars or not. The federal government is making all the decisions whether it's over masks or vaccines or how you should vote or how your children should talk to what they should learn in school. And it's a it's really a socialist movement for government control over all aspects of your life. It's not unlike what's happening in china. It's just that the democrats are doing. And they've got willing parrots on capitol hill and puppets in the press. That's why i think it's so important groups like you and me and people just keep speaking out until we're horse to say. Hey look they're robbing you if your constitutional rights as americans to constitutional right that you have to choose your own government the constitutional right of free speech. That's what the heart of this. It's not you know yet. Another corruption story corruption. I expect corruption politicians. But i don't expect as a press corps. Shoes is position in society under the constitution to then become an active participant in the other political schemes of the day. Kt mcfarland nail in it. Yet when you're in the hashtag corrupt media you sell your soul to you know who to pitch work. You can't get it back. There's no return policy You mentioned the economy's here and china obviously the laptop email. It's much more. I feel that the commies in china and the russians have the goods on biden. And that's why he is leaving stuff behind in afghanistan that is why shut down our energy independence and god on his knees to opec. Am i off base. Thinking the black male is strong coming out of the white house. No but i would say it happens differently. I don't think but smart enough to have sort of planned this with the chinese..

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