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By one group but you probably don't know it by the evergreen blues And on and on it goes I could name you a ton of those records where the original act may be beat it by a week but probably didn't get the AirPlay for one reason or another So that happened a lot But they went so exact The same time Absolutely Why would you do that Well in some cases they didn't know it So it depended That could be a factor In other cases it was intent A songwriter owns the rights to the music for the first release in terms of who will sing it So if you have written a song you can determine who sings it first and no one can sing it until you make that determination But the minute you determine it anyone can sing it And so you know that's part of it too But you know it's probably more often than not you can find two artists who are releasing something at the same time Right Well yeah that's Joe honey when you are usually the other one's going to flop with just fade away that you never even know and they recorded it And The rerecording like that Going back to The Beatles now you know another thing was is that let's say the market of Philadelphia the very first Beatles song that hit the airways was an October of 63 on a black station played by a black disc jockey And I highlight it even though he brought him to the town was the man with a goods Georgie Woods He played the very first Beatles record on the Vijay record label In the fall Prior to that in 62 love me do was played on CKY and Winnipeg Oh okay That was the first one in North America But it's irrelevant You know for instance Murray the K used to do his platter pole each night where he'd pet two records against each other and have the listeners vote And I remember he played a Beatles record This must have been early 63 And he might have made him in 62 but he pitted against and I'll never forget this because it was just such a horrible record I thought lovers island by the Blue Jays and lovers island by the Blue Jays beat the hell out of that Beatles record on the platter pole I like that That was the last that was one of the last I like that song that was on Well big New York That's for sure All right Well well speaking about let's go ahead you are doing some instrumentals I'm going to request I think the greatest instrumental I think besides classical gas of mason Williams it's called so coaxing Okay I'll get it I will get that next if I can find it You got it Okay thanks Appreciate the call Rick All right so we'll pick it up there We got Cleveland Dennis as well and there's plenty of room for you 888-876-5593 is 88 88 rally on WGN radio Chicago's very own trouble you dream And now it's Geico's motorcycle rules of the road Avoid biking in The Rain and never touch another person's bike Hey guys look at these bikes So.

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