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I i think you'll see him continue to evolve what he's done and what he's doing and i remember having conversations with him last year about how you like to steal plays from sean pay now. He likes to look go. Josh mcdaniels tape and <hes> so you know i i. I don't think it's the league catching up to what john done because he's continued to evolve that i think what we saw in the superbowl was more a case of you know ballot check finding bell jack and his staff finding a weakness and what the rams do you and being able to explain it and now on the rams to address what that was yeah and that's a great point albert and we were just a camp just the other day and used kabeer sports illustrated does a phenomenal job covering the n._f._l. And you're listening to case be in los angeles and we talked about kind of the new toys right that he's got to work with henderson and they feel like he can be they think he could be an every down back potentially but he's got some of this shifting to home run hitting like an alvin kamara type you you know he's got. He wants to involve some tight ends like they're going to have different looks. I mean he didn't come on exactly say that but he did kind of imply that that's part of the evolution is just using all the toys at his disposal yeah yeah. I think that that's definitely part of it. You know and i think they've got some secondary weapons that <hes> they're happy with guys'll gerald everett and and <hes> josh rhinos guys who had to play in a pinch who have learned from the experience of i haven't gotten out there and now i have a little bit more to give and so there's definitely more depth at the skill positions than there's been <hes> shana cry the last <hes> and you know i think what's going to be interesting really is how adoptable they become. <hes> coming out of all this you you know and it's going to be able to fly a little bit quicker because i think that's really what i mentioned. The weakness that check and the patriots were able to exploit light. It was okay like we're gonna show you one thing. Then then you're going to snap the ball and we're gonna give you something else and you're not gonna have and we're betting you're not can have an answer for that and so finding a way to better adjust to the flies and a huge part of this is obviously going to take some growth in the part of the quarterback but that was the thing having different different types of weapons will help them to adapt to things as they see them again. I i really think that that was a huge part of the problem in the super bowl and <hes> and i know it's something that both goffin mcvay of work to address and then something that i think like you said the diversity of weapons should help attack to hey albert look into the at the other side of the ball. What do you what do you expect out of <hes> dante fowler this year well. I mean you should get motivated player layer right. I mean he's on one year deal and so i mean we all saw frank kerr demarcus lawrence even trey flowers got on the open market and the fact that the deal like that wasn't out for him and he's out there for him and he's coming back on a one year deal. You should get a motivator guy and <hes> that was part of the question jacksonville. Oh was his makeup and everything else so you should get a guy comes in motive it the other thing i think that's interesting whether there is you know samsonite coupon and clay matthews they're going to be able to tune those guys some more and so all that off of each of those guys you might be able to get.

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