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Fact that he said it's a realistic knowing the rumor is that he could be going to Mercedes that it's a realistic thing that he might become a reserve driver there. Makes me think it must be possible. Now he could become reserved on it elsewhere theoretically Ferrari is also a top team and who is their reserve driver, Antonio giovinazzi, maybe not so exciting, all he's doing some tests this year, maybe could be on the grid next year, but it's pretty unlikely. And then Robert Schwartzman, who I don't think is racing anything this year. And he's still a junior driver, hasn't raced four months. And maybe it could be that you've heard it here first, the rumor could be fry, or even wackier, maybe he'll become reserved by her Red Bull. Can you bloody imagine that? That'll be hilarious. A Mercedes Mercedes is the rumor is that the French media have reported that these in deep talks with Mercedes as well. And it would still be really weird. It would still be so uncomfortable. But the aim is that if Lewis Hamilton retire or theoretically if George Russell would leave, but I think that's going to happen. If Lewis Hamilton were to retire, and the only situation I could see that happening is to be wins the championship next year. Then he might suddenly be the front of the queue, but Lewis has already talked about going for 5 more years. He can't be reserve driver for 5 years. And if he's not going to go to Mercedes, pretty much your only teams with seats next year available are the same ones that have them available this year. So it's a huge role of the dice at the moment that I think, unless you know something we don't, which could be very well possible, has way more risk than the chance of paying off, in my opinion. Yeah, that's true. And he's turned down IndyCar formula a NASCAR. He doesn't want to do any of that because he wants a happy sight on F one. And let's face it, there is precedence. We have quite frankly, if Nico hulkenberg is in talk for a third stint in Formula One. And surely Daniel Ricciardo can one day be that conversation. Kimi Räikkönen had to come back Fernando Alonso had a comeback. It's possible. It's entirely possible. And remember, roster dramas earlier in the year said, a sabbatical might actually do him some good. So I'm still of the belief that, you know, one of these daisy bay yet end up back in Formula One in some kind of capacity. This may be it for him. So I'm hoping because I think it would be a shame for his career to end in the way that it has done. So far. There are two things I think that can happen here. I don't think he's going to, he could end up in Mercedes reserve driver. I'm not rolling that out, but I don't think he's going to end up in the 80s in 2024. I just think it's too unlikely. If that's the case, the only other three seats are off the top of my head Haas, Sauber, Williams again, all of those things in rather. House with him Salva tower, that's not going to happen. So get rid of that forget about avatar. I can understand the logic of not taking a seat at Alfa Romeo's now. We'll be saddled by the end of next year, or maybe Adi. We'll be out eventually. We're pretty sure. Or has this year, because both have been, I mean, has been very inconsistent with you. They have their highs have been really good, but some races they rock up and they absolutely know where. See how this started really strongly and has been slipping down as other teams have caught up. As distinct from when he signed up for McLaren in particular, made it sort of a bit of a win made it without being able to go to the factory because we were going to think of COVID. No one sounded a weird, maybe that's too extreme, but it couldn't go to see the factory because of COVID, sort of had to make the promise the commitment based on promises didn't even get to really drive the Renault car he was going to drive that year to know whether it was bad or good turned out it was actually probably better than he was expecting. These are the complete opposite scenario, is that he's not going to jump into a heart and he said this quite open and he's not going to just sign the first thing in front of him as perhaps in brackets you could say like he did with McLaren. Based on the form this year, but by giving himself another year, he can say, well, we'll ask actually consolidate and become with well, because then I can understand that American connection does kind of make sense. Or does Salva continue to consolidate? Because if he would assign theoretically a three year deal from 2024, the last year of that deal would be as the Addy works team, which suddenly wow, what a win that seems like, plus there will be investment over the course of years. So I can kind of understand the idea that now he's swung in the opposite direction, give himself a year. I think both Haas and Seattle or Alfa Romeo Audi would probably go for him still even after you were out like he's still such a big brand. Correct. So I can see that working out, but that bottom line is that he's still going backwards in the grid, almost certainly. After 2024 and that's sort of the concerning thing. Yeah. Yeah. He may yet miss the boat. And there's also the F two backlog as well. So Daniel Ricciardo, he's very lucky that he knows how to be chief of optimism. Telecommunications company that I have to now change my driver's Los number four. And he's wide in basketball interest. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the others. 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