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That's Texan connect to seven four one seven four one. Okay. But all of that said, I want to say that I can hear because you are you're in a lot of pain, and like you're try you're definitely like trying to make light of it mask it which I understood as a defense mechanism. Yeah. But. The pain that you are feeling is so palpable, and so real, and I can like I can feel that big time. And I can't imagine anything more hurtful, and I think most people agree that like them someone nothing someone you love could probably never do. Something more hurtful to you than tell you that they're out of love with you. It hurts then probably variety of things. So I'm to say after being together for a while, you know years. Yeah. So I'm gonna turn the mic over to anyone else. But yeah. Yeah. I mean. I'm so sorry. Right. Right. That's like, it's awful and. I'm actually I. I actually think it's sort of. Really impressive admirable and kind of kind of like an amazing gift an an amazing place to find yourself in that you're so in touch with herself is right there man that self preservation is ready to kick in. But she's in the throes of it like she's literally calling us from what I assumes the play. She's crashing because she just heard this. Yeah. And like she's already on the phone reaching out. Yeah. I think I think it's it seems a logical. But as awful as it is I feel like you're in. In in as good a place as you can be really for. What is is a horrible awful situation as I think a lot of people. Every day. And then in response is something that's so acutely painful. I think everybody's impulses to avoid pain. And you you you sort of hinted at ways you could do that. But it seems like you're right there in it. And I think that's a good thing. I don't have a problem with the quick out van bomb after life changing information when you look back on those interviews of Patsy Ramsey. She's Zand out of her mind. We never talked about that. We always were like she seems weird. But like now looking back it's like, oh, those are benzoate. Now, we know what those are called a problem with taking a couple out of in and sitting by pool, obviously, not swimming after dark. It's okay to take the teeth out of the bite so to speak for two hundred percent. And like in like, I'm just impressed by how like you have your literal wits about you that you are trying to make jokes in see the light in this in like of know that like you probably don't need to do that with us. But like like, you could be very vulnerable not after lake sort of mask. But I think that's how you deal which makes me feel it. You're right. You're going to be on the other side of a year and a half. I am like so excited for you. Because I can tell you how this spirit in this drive. You don't have kids you can move on as cleanly as possible, I will suggest if it's if it's if you wanna move forward with divorce try and do as much of it outside of lawyers as possible. Yeah. So that you can start your life up again, people get really caught up in that especially when there's hurt. Yeah. And sometimes it can be like really easy to forget that you're paying five hundred dollars an hour to sort this out and you both just wanna move on. Now. You know? Yeah. But you deserve like you deserve the best. You know? I really do feel like you're a good person. Yeah. Like, you have I do love Austin, Texas. You're right. Yeah. I'm sorry that she you're feeling so much pain right now, it looks like you're adjusting a little bit accordingly. Terms of like, I don't know what to do right now. I don't know if I should drink coffee or go swimming. And like that's the short time period. You can look forward to like get through your day than like, that's how you need to pay out your day..

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