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You get what you pay for thirty eight years of this is not enough well then let's just keep putting him in power this is not the speakership this is the democratic party chairman largely it's a fundraising job why is it a big deal what if you're the guy that continues to raise money for the candidates and the candidates are going to continue to vote for you for speaker you're going to stay in power and as you stay in power you're going to continue to do what you want that one anybody else wants and as i've said a million times mike madigan is destroying illinois as donald trump's destroying america can i give you a quick stat when megan first became speaker in nineteen eighty three illinois was a triple a rated state yeah we're now junk bond status listen i don't know if you're if you're mike madigan fan when is it enough there's no other democrat in the state of illinois that's qualified to do this there's no other democrat whose turn it is there's no other democrat who has the ability to step up at this point we don't even have democrats speaking out about the continued problem of the metoo movement and the fact that women have been sexually intimidated and that's to be kind in springfield for years when is enough going to be enough kids max white sox pitcher danny farquhar david update latest remains that he is in critical but stable condition underwent surgery that's been confirmed by socks vp ken williams the real of their most comprehensive writing on this so far has come from bob nightingale of usa today who spoke with ken williams who confirmed they perform surgery saturday a to relieve pressure pressure on the brain swelling of the brain but his apparently farquars wife and mother were at the game on friday night when this occurred was in the game get the game started feel badly he was he was in the dugout when it happened right but it got to the dugout sick and then and then it happened and then the the white sox athletic training team is being which of course herm schneider has been the trainer for ever forty years that they're being credited with saving his life question if you're normal responding quick let's say you're a fan you collapse in the.

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