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Florida. I'm del Walters. Fox News, a Boeing seven thirty-seven with one hundred forty two people on board sliding off the runway the nose of the plane in the water with the slides deploy talk to the chief on scene, and he put it this way. He said, I can tell you. We're looking for two dogs and a cat. And if we're looking for two dogs in a cat, and this is a better situation than it could have been so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. It looks like all one hundred and forty two people are okay, Russell Cockburn a Fox TV affiliate W FOX reporting. The plane apparently was arriving from naval station. One ton of obey Cuba into the naval air station in Jacksonville when it crashed into the Saint John's river at the end of the run woes runway said to be a charter flight local sheriff saying all passengers accounted for and there are reports tonight that North Korea has launched a series of projectiles into the sea of Japan. Japan's defense minister saying the missiles of not landed anywhere near the country's coast and do. Not pose a security threat said to be in response to the growing frustration by the north over those stalled diplomatic talks with the White House all of this on a day when the mother of an American held hostage in North Korea. Is speaking out Cindy, warmbier son, Otto, traveled to North Korea in two thousand fifteen and return to the United States in two thousand seventeen in a coma. My gorgeous boy who every girl had an immediate crush on. Look like a monster auto died days later, even as the Trump administration negotiates with Kim Jong UN's regime to relieve it of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles State Department officials acknowledged the regime's brutality saying that the protracted humanitarian crisis faced by the people of North Korea is created solely by government. Fox's rich Edson reporting. Stocks closing broadly higher to end the week. The Dow adding one ninety seven NASDAQ up one twenty-seven.

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