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Lieutenant Christopher Paul hasn't of Silver Spring, Maryland will remain behind bars appeared in federal court Thursday. She used the plotting acts of domestic terrorism ABC's, Phil Yacuboski explains. The federal judge in the case told prosecutors they have two weeks to show evidence that housing was planning a terrorist attack. Not just reading about one U S attorney for Maryland. Robert her, thankfully, we're able to avoid and prevent any loss of life. At this point. None of the charges that Mr Harrison's facing proven beyond reasonable doubt. Prosecutors say hasn't began the process of targeting congressional leadership and then twenty twenty presidential candidates after reading manifestos while working at the coast guard, Phil yoga Bosque ABC news, Baltimore Trump, associate Rogers stone appeared before a federal judge Thursday after posting threatening. Image on social media. This is as we're hearing that special counsel Robert Muller may wrap up his investigation as soon as next week. Komo's Jeff Pohjola spoke about it with democratic strategist, Kathy Allen and Republican strategist Randy Pepple. It seems to me that Mr. Mueller is not following anybody else's timeline other than is own. And he is conducting the investigation as a professional that. I think most people realize that he is. And he's going to provide a roadmap for the investigations to continue. I would suspect and the Democrats will take up his report in the house of representatives and follow the leads that he's uncovered and keep pursuing him. So while his part of the investigation may be coming to an end in the next week or so you can rest assured that the investigation still has a couple more years. I don't know. I look at this. And I say, well, the best news about this is that we won't have to read about all of the things he's supposed to do anytime soon. The fact is that. We've been sort of all the loaded with whole the whole Mueller action. And even though I tend to think I do appreciate the fact that he is handling things by the book straight up being very honest about what's going on. I just think that it's not among the top atrocities. I see in this president. And no matter how the American people look at it. It's still not going to be what I think is the big issue. They take to the polls and that brings us to Roger stone who was indicted by the special counsel for lying to congress. He had a gag order slapped on them, and then got smacked even harder by the federal judge after he posted on Instagram what could be perceived as a threat. Well, he, and I have much in common when it comes to the ability to get constant press based upon stupid things that we all think we're stupid. And I think in his case he just wanted love and craves kind of attention. He used to get when he was a bigger shot. I think it's unfortunate that the judge to revoke bail and put him in jail right now. I mean, the the fact is that he broke the gag order that she'd imposed on him. And it was a colossally stupid thing to do as he himself admitted. And when you see that type of violation it should be punished right away. Not just re re-instituting order on essences. What the judge did? I thought she showed great restraint to provocation has Republican strategist Randy Pepple and democratic strategist Kathy. Allen speaking with komo's Jeff Pohjola. The Republican candidate in the nation's last undecided. Congressional race. Now calling for a new election ABC's Mark Remillard reports after allegations and testimony describing tampering with mail in ballots. Republican Mark Harris now calling for a new election to take place in North Carolina's ninth district, Harris addressing the state's election board Thursday. The leadership.

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