CNN, African Americans, Senator discussed on Michael Medved


Least according to cnn appears to be when he allegedly orient the nfl players and of course that's called racist how did he rip the nfl players because i didn't hear it but cnn says he did you judge for yourself does this sound like an attack on the civil liberties of a african americans there was a senator turner state senator from ohio came on and said president trump doesn't understand the dissent is the highest form of patriotism okay here's what he said and it seems to me that ninety nine point nine nine percent of americans can stand with the president on this one person reverence for those who have served our nation reminds us of why we salute our flag why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and why we proudly stand for the national anthem okay democrats are sitting on their hands because he says we proudly stand for our national anthem at listen i i um i want to hear from from democrats out there about your vision for your party do you think that young joe kennedy the third is the future of the democratic party can you imagine can you have what is the future of the democratic party i mean i was trying to think about if i were playing on on their side of the chess board who they could have had to respond to trump and it's very hard to respond to trump because he gave the best speech of his life he did and and again it's very very tough to to say that he fell short he clearly exceeded what anyone expected in the nation's rallying at the moment behind him on this one so who do you put up there one eight hundred nine five five seventeen 76 i'll give you my ideas will also be speaking to a member of president trump's cabinet who had a chance last night of becoming president himself i'll tell you why coming up on the medved show it's uh it it is a fascinating moment for our country and one of the.

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