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I don't know is a i did nothing else that just connected to me quite like that yet at the time yet venus the it's the launching of a great career but it wasn't like uh i don't feel like oh well i'll give bought a rocket a pass because it was just the okay first movie like it was a great movie i and i'm not going to do i get out like i couldn't do a generational think piece i don't know if it's something that may be would speak to someone like you or me that it wouldn't mit necessarily initially speak to someone like you know roger ebert but well yeah but yeah i think a price on the do yeah uh and then we finished eighth with five questions okay was first movie remember seeing in the inner uh i think i saw well i think it's our jaws of the dry them with my parents who could went on and i remember being the told to crawl into the back seat sedan with whenever like the water was getting particularly chums with blood uh but i do i vividly remember um seeing star wars with my parents yeah i think it was i remembered seeing the ads in thinking that was interesting uh you'd see like this deep big yellow star wars letters and then you'd see an explosion area and uh but we went at the behest and my parents were must have been something that was already happening because i remember standing in a massive liner.

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