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Law every year to take all religious significance out and of the Christmas holiday so I they were successful stripping the can fall of its this meaning sample and for they turned a it into just another meeting decoration two kids wow from one now that would be a real conspiracy if it were true but it's not although the truth it's in been Katy Keene scheme from Germany just many like times Christmas trees many ways the region needed in the mid sixteen hundreds long before there was any this is they were probably some sort of the very first artificial decorations on Christmas trees okay here's another trying to give his children and unforgettable Christmas well meaning blundering father dresses up as Santa and winds up getting stuck in the chin is worried never shows up on Christmas Eve and he's nowhere to be found on Christmas day and the day after that in so finally in January the family notices that the chimney is all stopped and up so you can see where this was going right during okay stop feeling sorry for a for the poor family it's just another urban myth kids there's from absolutely one no record anywhere in America of this ever happening I know someone will say although that they it's have a friend been said in it really happened to the friend's father many times or they saw many it on the news ways or some such the good news he didn't by the way even though to the chimney stories forms I would recommend trying I have it and from coast to coast it's Mannheim steamroller's this an is an American Christmas have boxes of old photos preserving your precious memories has never been easier get the up some fast photo scanner and scan hundreds of photos in just minutes making it fast and easy to scan organize and share memories it scans a variety of sizes captures handwritten notes in the back it even restores faded photos automatically this holiday preserve its priceless and get the fast photo available at Best Buy office depot staples or absent dot com slash bass photo Kim lot on your plate remember your grandparents birth date keeping up with your coworkers boyfriends roommates.

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