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Out. Yeah I think I think what he's saying if I correct me if I'm wrong but but If you remove the crowd from all the Games baseball still lends itself to a home field advantage because of those things which I that does kind of make sense right. I you know all of it I think and again it would be weird. It would be different. It wouldn't be the same but it's definitely doable. Right you go out there you throw the ball and you hit the ball and you catch the ball and you keep score and so I kind of went back and forth when I did hear that. Obviously it'd be weird but would I rather not have it at all? I don't know I'd much rather have it. So what would you do to fill the energy so if I'm watching on? Tv? The crowd the ambiance. The crowd noise. That's all part of the entertainment. So now that's not gonna be there. What would you do? There's only so much you can do right first of all. They've already started doing it a little bit more and I think The the game that Justin was talking about That the The what's his name He was gonNA make up all the players so that maybe number one is is everybody gets dot. Maybe you know what I mean and you kind of flip back and forth and now it becomes different game as far as producing it. Because now you're looking for. Who's saying the funny? The cool the entertaining. Maybe you're talking to him again. Like they are doing now in the spring a little bit more of that kind of stuff. The the fact of the matter is that the crowd is white noise for us as you know watching it on television or it's there we know it's there and if you took it away we would definitely know it's gone but it's white noise for us I think also in baseball. I think it's more white noise for the players than any other sport to take and both what both of these gentlemen just said in football when you are offense in urine somebody else's stadium that's making F- difference But these guys when you know when they go up to bat it just seems like they're able to shed whatever else is going on around them and in many situations So like I said I think it would affect the game less than the other sports I think it would be easier to do. And and maybe that's just because baseball's a little less exciting but I do think it's doable. Homefield advantage that has to do with the crowd. It also has to do with the fact that comfort ability being able to sleep in your own house rather than sleeping in a hotel. That's different. The crowd makes a difference for home field advantage. But that's not the only things that make up a home field advantage home field advantage in her home. You're more than the other teams sure. So how does this play out for fantasy right? So we're talking about it now. There's this is delay and this is a you know it's Kinda weird you. Mlb said that players can leave. They can go home be with their families. They can stay at spring training. But what does this mean you know? We were so used to spring training. You get in there you gear up. There's there's an ebb and flow to spring training. And then you get ready for the season now that we've stopped it even for a couple of weeks. What does that mean? Because you know you've gotTA stretch arms out again or they do and bullpen sessions. And then how does this play out to you know? The injuries were thinking about people who are set to draft this weekend. How do you factor that in? The one thing is definitely going to happen and I was talking to Jack about the other day is that the starting pitchers are not going to be going long right away. When baseball starts your guys that would normally be thrown eight. Nine innings are not going to be doing that for the lease the first couple of weeks. Because they're not gonNA take that chance is just not going to be happening. They could be thrown simulated games on the side of things like that. But that's never the same thing and I just think that the starting pitching is going to be affected way more than the batting because the starting pitching not being ready is going to make the batting a lot easier. That's my till you're making the assumption that That they're gonNA they're gonNA really if they decided to start this season up again fairly quickly. They're not gonNA wait for another month for these pictures to get ready. And therefore that means that there's a higher chance of injury that means if you got any innings leaders on your team or your drafting innings eaters. Be careful because you're not gonna get those innings right away at the beginning of their probably could be more offense than defense early on absolutely might also make If we have a shortened season it could make some pitchers coming off of an injury such as like Lance mccullers Who might have like a one hundred and twenty inning pitch Limit on the season Shit? Maybe that's a full season this year. You know so now instead of Mccullers you know. I don't know a top fifty or sixty or so Pitcher in in your rankings. Maybe now beefed up another fifteen spots right right and then guys that are injured. Yeah now Ray Paxton right. Those are the pictures that are hurt now. Obviously they're they're in a spot Draft wise based on the fact. That season was gonNA start you. Give them another three weeks a month. Two months to get healthy then. All of a sudden change where they're going to be draft wise absolutely. So what should a commissioner do swag? Should've commissioner hold off and say we're GONNA do our draft once we know when the seasons going to start and we can actually get reassessed or do you go ahead with the draft? If I mean obviously people have already drafted than they've drafted but I know there's many many leagues that are set to draft this weekend or or next weekend or or really soon. Would you delay it for Dynasty Leagues? That are already existing. That are going I don't see really any huge reason to delay it you could. You don't have to For Redraft Leagues. Why wouldn't you wait at this point if you if you haven't done it yet? You almost mind as well wait just to gather the knowledge who the hell knows what it means. You know what I mean so again. You're drafting guys out of context. Essentially so that would I I would if I dynasty league. I don't see any reason not to bite. I don't see any reason. Not You know to to to wait either but on Redraft Leagues. I would definitely wait. Yeah that's interesting without knowing the actual start day why wouldn't you push back the The draft it would almost be the equivalent of drafting your team in January with the normal star Lake. Why would you do that right right? And what are these guys going to do? You know I know. They're not supposed to go around. racing motorcycles but but I know there are some. That don't mean bumgarner doing the Rodeo right right there. You go yeah. So what are they gonNA do over the next month and could that change their status or the season starts as well so hassle? Hold Oh I don't think that it should have any impact on the way that People draft your rankings. I don't know I threw out the idea of maybe Like the pitchers coming off of injuries. Sort of thing but as a whole I would not have it impact. Any kind of perspective agreed best players. Best Player. You know I just think hitchings involved more than batting hitching will be affected more than bad. Yeah maybe there you have it. What what do we call people that listen to stealing signs or they crooks and criminals what are they are they Winners Their winners their Astros Burlington. Yeah they're easy wiper no swiping a permanent borrowers is that what his permanently borrowing it. Maybe we'll get some feedback on what we what we should call our fans. I know we have a lot of fans out there. So Listen Fellas. Thanks for getting together. We are still going to put out episodes. We're still going to be breaking down what's happening as it unfolds. Were watching it just like you are. Our job obviously is to make sure you can make sense of it that you can make better moves and that you can win your league so bike the Greek. I hope you you stay alive reach if you need any help on any shows. Yeah just in the pseudo scout. I know you're wandering the fields. Maybe a little tear on your cheek as you're doing it but they'll it'll be back but it'll be back. Don't worry and I know for me. I just praying that are simulated league actually shows The growth of my youngsters and swagger when you make millions of dollars setting up this league. Don't forget the guys that were with you all along only of us the little guys well. I. I wouldn't say that but okay. I guess we already see how it is. All right. Gentlemen have yourselves a great day. All right wash your hands..

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