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You m a t o fragrances that com when you go online there what are you going to see what are we gonna fight yeah you're gonna see a little bit about our sense we've got a big splash on the homepage now now that we were just featured in the new york times 2017 gift guide there's a little bit more if you want to design the custom fragrance something about our store so you do you enjoy this uh entrepreneurial kind of side of what you're doing now with all the different things you've done do you enjoy running the business yeah he had separately a challenge at times you know every day something new um you know it is interesting you do something as a hobby in your really doing all the fun parts than you turn into a business and you take on a lot of slightly less than fund pirates eight what insurance do i need what a how do i pay the electric bill yeah very a very pertinent questions but not always thrilling rarely rick thrilling where do you go from here now kevin well so the big push right now uh the stores open we still have a few more boxes to check but eventually our store will be fragrant star by day and cocktail bar by night uh so that is taking these sent ideas and actually going back to the flavor world and sold out of the ideas came from flavor initially now are saying okay we've got a sent that might be based on coriander cardamom nutbag how would that transform into a cocktail hand um yeah that's that's the next big thing on the horizon for us we wish you good luck with that ended to your wife jane larsen as well uh in 2013 kevin and his wife jane larsson turned his hobby into a business and spoon motto oh fragrances uh were born and they continue now and you can find them online sfu mach2 spf you nato fragrances that can best of luck t that he'll base for heading it's our pleasure as we continue an opportunity to trump.

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