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Anyways you know Dan Dan sneaking around the pocket. sin in any sport working a void in the sack zero sacks today with the Cincinnati front that is one hell of a job by the offense of line. it is a touch back Richey James junior got the field of play the forty Niners were anticipating a possible onside kick **** Randy bullock just drove through the end song so the bangles two F. three timeouts left we'll see what Jack Taylor does and they are going to the victory fly here so it's presume the forty Niners drop it'll take the snap of the nail down and Taylor will concede the game and they will the clock will run they will not take anymore time out so do it one more time the forty Niners are all the way to handle start but not just to one jam. it's on the road this team won three games combined the last two years what an achievement and if I know this group so there's no time to rest there's a live player. with a almost over rotated that what a tremendous athlete is what I loved about today everything was on point yes it's tough in the in the eastern time zone two weeks in a row benefited stayed back east obviously the way they came out had a fast start were flying high Jimmy was outstanding play call was outstanding running game was outstanding both lines were outstanding the death was able to contribute today and I don't care if it was Jeff Wilson with his two touchdowns. Solomon Thomas with a sack we're gonna just guys make a place shell today with creases in the backfield roster welly with good blocks out on the edge the depth players statement today there wasn't a lot of drop off now the big thing is wrong thinking now Joe Staley in the health of the lower level we'll find out how she and I had a million the post game show coming up a little bit but the forty Niners rolled up five hundred and seventy two yards of total offense and they were completely balance today they ran for two fifty nine and Jimmy threw for three thirteen and three touchdowns it is an onslaught in a demolition of the forty Niners winning in Cincinnati forty one to seven chamber back with more on the U. S. bank forty.

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