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Is it very, okay? Berries are fruit. Well, okay. Aren't they? But where choke cherries are they like cherries only true bears? Eating birds. Eat them. We'll talk show hosts do not eat them. Anyway, too bad. Yeah. Known ice cream. What was that? Don't you make your own? I do, but I have a I have the kitchen aid mixer attachment that I freeze, and I put it on the kitchen aid mixer, and I turn it on. And it turns the ice cream right there in the little frozen bucket, and it makes my ice cream with absolutely no effort whatsoever. I don't make any effort either. That's one of my got grandkids. Very you go. There you go. I appreciate the phone. Call very much, sir. Brandon krisztal in four of the year ice cream guy. I go back and forth. But you know. I wanna eat it a lot and other ways where it's you know. I don't go searching for it. Do you eat ice cream in the winter? Yeah. I don't about a societal conventions. I'll have soup in the middle of July. Fire noodle soup are a wild, man. Yeah. An absolute wildly by now. It's time for the most exciting segment on the radio guy. Of that day. Got some in-studio gasp Gaspard their silent guests, so they don't want. They're having their own silent movie. Mary you go there. Here we go. Dave. What is our word of the day? Please. Word of the day is a noun a noun fabulous F A B.

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