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Out there want to bring you up to date we had a brief ping with bill dwyer and the folks out in warrant about the the the grim excavation that's going on out in mccomb township as they seek what they think could be four to six bodies of girls who were the victims of a serial killer this man was convicted already used serving life in prison for the murder of sindhis vicky she he was a rapist murderer and the the last person to see her alive is a woman named antigod bought she was the kimberley kings good friend kimberly kings the the the one that they are seeking right now and there are at least four to five other girls that are also possibly buried there and connie bama who was kimberley's king sister a talked about the importance of seeing this she she seeing this through she thanked the media for their attention and talked about what this means to the family the last person to see him alive before she disappeared and i know that something horrible happened to her that night she never ever would have laughed her sisters and her grandmother worrying about her thank you to all the all the authorities that are here today and i just pray that they will continue the search until she's found sadly this was originally treated as a missing persons case and that's what's so happened so often forty years ago with these because they so often work and so you know it wasn't until forty eight hours after the initial report that police would really start to take seriously and in this case a lot of time had elapsed county said there can be the sister said she hadn't been interviewed in thirty eight years and so she was very appreciative she has been now build wire the police commissioner out in warren said look there is little doubt that this is a burial ground we just have to find them we do have you know probable cause to believe that this is a gravesite question about it at kimberly king and other young female victims who were murdered are buried here and that's why we're going to put a lot of time and effort into it now it's unclear what happened here and why there was this initial burst.

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