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I agree with you, Jonathan. But when it comes to the decision of whether or not to fire him, there's more in that report and things that might be fireable offenses or addressed in the report, and you can take exception to how well that report was done. But if you get the summary of findings, if you look at section six paragraph aim, they say that they found that they believe that had urban Meyer truly known that there was abuse in physical abuse in that relationship between Zac Smith, his former wife, Courtney that he would have fired Zac Smith or any other coach on the spot. That's a finding of fact in their summary. If you go to the next paragraph b. They talk about potentially fireable offense, which is not reporting it up stairs. Well, what they said was that he did fail it his obligation to report these allegations of stairs. But they said in the summary, their words, it was based on a good faith. Misunderstanding of the trigger for when that should be reported upstairs. They said that rubber Meyer believed that had to be action from law enforcement in the form of an arrest or charge before he needed to report it. And because that didn't happen, hang on because that didn't happen that urban Meyer truly believed that the trigger hadn't been met and he chose to handle in a different way. Then they said in the next paragraph that a lot of other witnesses, at least a number of other witnesses had the same misunderstanding of that trigger. So urban Meyer wasn't fueled who misunderstood it. So you can say correctly that it was his responsibility to know that. But his lawyer would say in court, if he got fired that a whole lot of people didn't know that. In Ohio State failed in their training program. And so when it comes to firing him, you get into technicalities like that that make things very, very problematic. I'm not saying that what he did on the management side was right. It was wrong for the most part, but from a firing stamp when I think it's fair to look at other things in that report that are in his favor, not just the ones that are against him. I understand exactly what you're saying. Trevor we can sit here and talk about the technicalities all day long. But the fact is there is a moral responsibility that the head coach slash CEO of Ohio State University football has to abide by and we can talk about everyone else misunderstanding. But the fact is we're talking about urban Meyer and whether he misunderstood or he misinterpreted what he was supposed to do. Those findings also said that he and the AD they took that that what you just said to narrowly and to sit here and say, well, we're just going to wait for law enforcement. We're gonna wait for law enforcement. You know what? Sometimes you have to act as. AO as a head coach, you have to act and your failure to act causes a lot of harm to other people, and it is your responsibility to handle those situations. If you don't handle those situations and you don't act accordingly, then you should be relieved of your job. That is the responsibly, the coast. That's what comes with the territory. If you were the assistant coach, and I want to have the nyah billion say, well, I'm over here on a technicality in the letter of the law. Sure you do that. You have your comfy job as a head coach. You're not allowed to do that. You have to act and he did not act. And Furthermore, they were more instances that show that he didn't act or chose to find a way to get out of acting and say, oh, I don't know. I don't know, deniability. I don't know. I don't know that that's not. It doesn't cut it for a head coach. You can't do that and the report talks about that. But it also says in a very clear finding, again, this is the summary of findings. This is section seven. It's very rushed summary of findings. Okay. But the summary of findings is not my opinion. This is what the report says. It says urban Meyer did not condone or cover up alleged allegations or allegations of alleged domestic violence by Zach Smith countr- ever. How do you hang on if you can't read his messages?.

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