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To go to at times when the foundation yeah yeah yeah it's not the football i'm and the the only reason why should beta bathurst because the alumni come to play and yes because he's got some kind of deal with the college here i don't know what's going on but it sounds kind of hit him eight wool there's just they learn a tough lesson on that one i would have to say because you can't campaign and throw round the word transparency in that all of a sudden the story comes out way that wire using that money yeah yeah we'll see this is what she gar she just and that gets calder cup whatever she is going wrong and it i would at the game i kinda why he i hear you june i i think this was an invention maybe this came from the innovative chief yeah it when they he said the throw out free to assurance even sticks to the wall it's not sticking and another thing when she was so it's a company it's not different with the red that have to hump so when two of fun race i wonder won't that was one it well in they've also learned a tough lesson on you better announce every time you're going on the public doled gets the right if you have a private fundraiser certainty that that has come forward much more so for this governor then yeah i don't remember governor cheffy ever getting joe rapid eye they you know well like that's the word that i think is is is could become a joke here thanks june i appreciate me about their four three eight.

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