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God made the words of my mouth and the meditations of each of our hearts be pleasing to you our rock and our redeemer a man. This morning we are concluding. Our stewardship sermon series. Talking about finances can sometimes be a sticky situation. It can be a sticky subject here at christ united. We want to talk about finances because we believe that giving matters that the way we prioritize the way we prayerfully consider our gifts really matter it matters to us it matters to the church and it matters to the larger world because our gifts are used inside and outside of these walls. I am thankful for reverend reagan gillanders. She preached for us here in modern worship last week on the second portion of our churches mission serving others and this morning we focus on the last bit of our church mission. Transforming lives so if you're following a home up following a long at home. That's loving god serving others. Transforming lives some of you may know and maybe some of you don't but i just completed a six weeks study that i lead on dr amy jill. Levine's book the difficult words of jesus. Dr amy jill levine. She calls herself. Aj because she's very accessible duh. She is an orthodox jew and she's a professor of new testament. I would argue. She is an expert on the new testament and she brings so much to reading about. Jesus from a jewish is stand point in this study over the past six weeks and a group of wonderful people. Some of you who are out there shoutout. We looked at six different sayings of jesus found throughout the gospel and together. We talked about what we found. Difficult about those passages and how even though they were challenging we could still learn something from them are very first week together was the exact passage that we all are about to read together. This morning and spoiler. It's a difficult one often in churches. This passage is called the rich young ruler but only enough that term is in ever used altogether in scripture in matthew's version of the story the man is referred to as young in luke's version. He is called a ruler. It seems as if over time we've merged all these versions of the story and we've created our own own the rich young ruler to some all of them together in our version today from the gospel of mark. You will notice that like everything mark does he keeps his description of this man simple. We're going to be in the tenth chapter of mark and we're actually just going to read it all in one chunk this morning hear these words from the gospel of mark versus seventeen through twenty seven as jesus continued down the road. A man joe here that a mad. That's the only description that mark gives us. A man ran up knelt before jesus and asked good teacher what must i do to obtain eternal life. Jesus replied why do you call me good. No one is good except the one god you know. The commandments. don't commit murder don't commit adultery. Don't steal don't give false testimony. Don't cheat honor your father and mother teacher. The man responded. I've kept all of these. Since i was a boy. Jesus looked at him carefully and loved him. He said you are lacking one thing. Go sell what you own and give the money to the poor. Then you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me. But the man was dismayed at the statement in win away saddened because he had many possessions looking around jesus said to his disciples. It will be very hard for the wealthy to enter. God's kingdom jesus is word startled disciples so jesus told them again children. It's difficult to enter god's kingdom. It's easier for kimmel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter god's kingdom they were shocked even more inset to each other then who can be saved. Jesus looked at them carefully and said it's impossible with human beings but not with god. All things are possible for god. This is the word of god for the people of god. Let the church say thanks. Be to god. This is a difficult passage for a number of reasons. It's hard to read. Jesus saying that. Maybe there's more to this whole following thing than just following the commandments. Commandment this guy has followed since birth for any of us who feel wealthy. In any sense of the word it can be challenging to here. Jesus say it will be very hard for the wealthy to enter. God's kingdom the disciples themselves are even startled by this proclamation so much so that jesus actually repeats it the bible this book. It's full of difficult passages. it's full of passengers. That can be difficult to understand. When we're reading. It can be difficult in our cultural context. It can be difficult depending on what lind's were wearing as we're reading it it can also change. Just whatever mood. We find ourselves in as we read. Scripture many of us may be familiar with this particular passage. Maybe we've heard it in a stewardship series or just in a sermon. in general. Maybe we've been in a study where we look deep into the translations and all the scholars difference interpretations this morning instead of going so deep into all the different ways. You can read this. I went us two zero in on one verse verse. twenty one. it begins with this. Jesus looked at the man and loved him. I really enjoy disney princess movies. Even though they can be super problematic especially as an adult looking back on some of the ones. I watched as a child. But there's something magical about the music and the characters in the story that just draw me in every single time. I'm also a pretty big lin. Manuel miranda fan. Some of you may.

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