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S. will happen on a large scale soon that comment came in a tweet this morning Dr Anthony Fauci who heads the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases made similar comments to reporters yesterday it's not gonna be months it's going to be a week or so we gonna get many many more a test that will be available she acknowledges the current system of testing is inadequate the trump administration says those who can't do their jobs because of the virus may be eligible to collect unemployment insurance here's NPR's Scott Horsley the labor department is giving states the green light to offer unemployment insurance Danny worker who gets sick with corona virus has to care for a sick family member or whose employer is quarantine or shut down the administration's promise to offer financial support to those workers so they don't have to choose between going to work sick and possibly spreading the virus or missing a paycheck labor secretary Eugene Scalia says the ministration will use all available tools to assist workers who were adversely affected by the pandemic the new guidelines did not extend to workers who are already eligible for sick leave or get paid family leave from their employer Scott Horsley NPR news Washington house speaker Nancy Pelosi says Congress is close to an agreement with the White House on a bill to help Americans affected by the virus this is NPR news from Washington this is WNYC in New York good morning I'm Richard hake New York state is banning public gatherings of five hundred people or more starting today at five o'clock Broadway shows also will go dark the state is making asking hospitals to find more staffing as well governor Cuomo says these are necessary steps to fight the spread of the virus we're asking former doctors and nurses to reconnect with your old hospital your old health care employer to be on an on call basis the governor says the states also preparing to meet the expected demand for hospital beds nursing homes across the state of also been directed to forbid visitors all schools and places of worship within a section of newer sheller close for two weeks in an effort to slow the virus thirty four year old Selena Perez white says her children are students at one of the shuttered schools and she's trying to keep them home and inside as much as possible I'm to keep the ball in the hole I know that my house is clean disinfect every day every morning in between everything that we do the right thing down spraying the people when those goals and just keep the disease and tenant advocates are calling for a stop on addictions because of the worry of the spread businesses say many workers will lose income now that the city and state of an ounce regulations to limit large gatherings eva Farkas is the executive director of the met council on housing she says that officials need to make sure that people can stay in their homes people are going to lose income and that's gonna really hurt people's ability to pay rent the New York City Housing Authority says it will stop issuing warrants for evictions and it's CUNY schools prepare to move classes online for the rest of the semester campus food pantries are planning to stay open WNYC she made about soup has more it's the number one question campus food pantries are getting right now will you be open this year and we're here to serve our students in the best way we possibly can that's Carol Brower director of student life at the college of Staten Island she says they've stocked up with more food than usual and they're planning to stay open unless directed otherwise in a survey of CUNY students conducted last year nearly half of the respondents reported feeling unsure about whether they'd be able to afford or access healthy foods.

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