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John and ken show john and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app right this on tanna vital creek fire which is going on since about one thirty this afternoon cause unknown power lines homeless. We don't know but anyway I like this part though. Flames could also be seen burning your transmission lines which tribute power across the state burned a upwards of three hundred more acres. And it's evacuations that have gone on some homes look like they have burned This is an area not far from the fifteen freeway. We'll keep you updated through. Kfi news supposedly. Some wins of twenty five to thirty miles per hour was of course hot out there as it wasn't many places today in southern california. Well one final gift from the outgoing governor of new york state. The disgraced andrew cuomo. The new governor is kathy cl. It didn't take long after she took over to tell everybody. That twelve thousand. More people died of corona virus than the official new york state count left by her predecessor. Cuomo actually lied about twelve thousand dead people. His final day in office he put the number of total deaths in the state. Just over forty three thousand. Hokkaido said nope it's fifty five thousand and forty. Three thousand was really bad. Why was he praised as this cova. D- saint why do people fall in love with him and start orgasm being over his press conference. I don't understand enhance sort of incharge. Man was an act control. I know act. It was all the words you see on. Tv if you knew him personally probably don't enact and he's an idiot but looking at them on tv people got impressed. You peop- people are so sad that they actually believe politicians and they fall in love. They fell in love. Assert the media to what a bunch of bonehead morons all these reporters. And anchors are cuomo's sexual 's sexual listen to this afri- accounting for the numbers. The cuomo administration only use data reported by hospitals nursing homes and adult care facilities. Only well the new. Tally includes people that died at any location at home in a hospice wherever but he doesn't make common sense all that she cuomo's keep those numbers low. Leave out what you have to leave out what matters the guide the guide of the virus. That's what he he's really mean. There's he's sick like he's evil. Sick covered up the nursing home. Destiny covered up the total death slough i should be criminally charged. Ice governor for For eleven years. Here's who knows what else he covered. You know. he's bigger crisis to come along. And this is what should have driven him out of office. Why they dramatic office for for groping women but it was all these some of these people he killed with his policies surprised. The only got a fifty thousand dollars a year pension. I thought it'd be more than that for a guy that got to be governor to look at the pension here in california got these dopey city managers getting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. And i wasn't that impressed by that number but other people are obviously not happy. Because he's disgraced he's evil and he got five point. One billion dollars advance for that bookie wrote. I know and it didn't sell and set means it means the publishing company lost seven figures. Why is at the time. He was a star when they signed those those executives drooling over him and they threw five million dollars adam and he wrote it. He wrote a book of lies. That's really the world's gone insane. But can you do. I don't know we're we're i feel. Helpless feel powerless. Doubt tim conway here. Hey hey hey well. I did it again. The highest scoring team in the little league we go out to torrance to wish them. Lock and watch is negative shutout. Oh kiss you ruin them. Ira right but i usually you do that to horses. Oh yeah i couldn't pick horse drops dead again. That's south dakota pitcher. Wow yeah rav guys like nine. He two kids to kids on the team. Is this big rings. he left he just. Yeah but you know what. That's a big deal to south dakota like if that team goes on to win. Those kids were superstars superstars our whole life. Oh yeah that'll be bigger stars than any major leaguer. Everybody in that in that state will know their names. And they'll parades for them out here in torrens. It's like okay what's next you know. Yeah i hope those kids come back. I think it should be really doesn't eliminate linnet in it. Don't go to the next game. No i'm not going to the next day watch. I'm mentioned it because i drove through torrents. Today says no tim conway face with a red slash even by shakey's and they put my name on the on the marquee. The marquee well. Somebody's taken down doors. Good it was kinda cool but the band. And i felt bad because you know that we brought out like ten t shirts to give away. Yeah and there was. One shirt laughed. And i put it in my bag because i don't have sad is that can you. Those sad is that that is a sad radio. You know twenty five years into it. I'm still stealing in a little town. You're starting your career. You don't have much clothing seven. You're making some money. That's the way. I also saw stole a kfi cooler. There was one left and i took that kfi cooler. Yeah there was a little flimsy little like i heart radio cooler that stuff anymore. Now i don't know i think we're running out of it. We can get you a political human sacrifice. We have like ten million those days when they had lots and lots of money. Oh yeah yes. Yeah we do we have. We have piles and piles of those. Can i heard it in your voice. And i'll i'll be straight with you. I can. I can get you a cooler if you really want one. Okay if i sounds pretty. Good people connected. I know a guy anyway. Petro's is coming out with this seven o'clock and then we have the breaking story of the fire the little greek Fire out there is horrible. Terrible we'll talk about that for right. Ding dong within corwin carson's all over that by the way he's coming up live. I believe right here right course car court carson corbin hit live corbin carson carson. Hit like buying with the cue cards loss doing the news. Here debra mark well. She grew a beard. Still right. brooming got the news. Kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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