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Run out of options getting his life back after a groundbreaking treatment. I'm Dr Jim Thomas, a medical oncologist and director of clinical research with a freighter in the Medical College. Wisconsin cancer network. Recently, researchers at the Medical College. Wisconsin developed a clinical trial that extended the life of a man with informa- who had not responded to other treatments given to him a freighter hospital. This unique form of Carty cell therapy, re engineered is immune system to target and kill his cancer cells six weeks later, his cancer was in full remission. Clinical trials like this help bring tomorrow's treatments to our patients today through the freighter in the Medical College. Wisconsin cancer network we offer over four hundred cancer clinical trials more than anyone eastern, Wisconsin. To learn how are clinical trials are making more possible for people worldwide. Visit Fraser dot com slash cancer. I'm defense attorney Tom grieve as a former state prosecutor, I achieved many convictions using defendants words against them. You're a law abiding citizen grateful for the protection that police provide other than a couple of cocktails tonight give or take one or two you've never done anything close to legal, right? Like you. I'm thankful for the big decision that police officers make leaving family and friends every day going to work to serve our community's. If pulled over after glass of wine with dinner beers at a ballgame. Happy hour cocktails with friends or a night out. You have a lot to lose explaining yourself before. Or after an arrest often, the largest obstacle to overcome for my ward winning team of defense attorneys is our clients own words DUI cases or fought and won based on small putting Porton details might ward winning team of former state. Prosecutors is your best chance for successful defense. The truth is explaining yourself limits myopic in defending you so call my ward winning team of former state prosecutors and remember you are only guilty. If you are. Visited grieve law.

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