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I'm Sam Shane on this Friday morning with cutting edge Corey a little bit of money news from the Bloomberg business desk you don't at every time we do a story on Amazon these days I feel like a broken record I mean they just keep crushing it in the market place yeah the latest results came out yesterday Sam and they indeed were much better than expected in fact the stock surged ten percent in after hours trading we're gonna be watching Amazon today we heard from caterpillar this morning it's twenty twenty profit outlook trailed analyst expectations as adding to more gloom to global markets coming from the corona virus situation IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has been with big blue for almost forty years now the company has named a new CEO Arvind Krishna he'll be taking over this year and Rometty will remain on it is an executive chairman through December right now the Dow futures are down one thirty S. and P. futures are down fourteen I made Corey with a Bloomberg business report on news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. are yet thanks so much appreciate that we're heading into Superbowl weekend we're gonna spend a fair amount of time all morning long talking Superbowl related stories one of the stories coming up in a little bit I mean I'm looking around on at five forty five let's come appears very short right do you about football popularity will talk a little bit more about that also coming up at six forty five there was a film that was made of the very first Superbowl got lost isn't that crazy around it they found the first one and we've got some clips from it so we're gonna be coin that as well also let's talk half time because that's what a lot of folks watch right so your Jennifer Lopez and Shakira you know how long they're going to perform I don't twelve minutes that's what they say our halftime extravaganza the first time two Latino stars are on stage together to global superstars performing together right and they want this to make they wanted to be an announcement on just about their culture but for women as well well and I'll tell you this Shakira is forty two years old Jennifer Lopez is fifty so I mean you have you know two women right now which is middle age that are performing at the Superbowl so it's not this you know like culture of just youth musicians and you have to establish older women performing is gonna be fantastic because both of them are amazing so Zack you you've pulled us some secure secura is that right I did okay so.

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