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Unfortunately for you. I don't think we'll need to know how to pronounce it after october sixteenth. But that's the best you can do over a four five months period. You're going to have to do better. we people were expecting the third chocolate tito. Juan francisco stratified october sixteenth. Now chocolate tito has copeland nineteen. So it's going to get pushed back november. That's an excellent fight off. They're gonna if they're gonna remain business. Zone is gonna remain in business with devon haney. Hopefully they'll get him into another fight although he's a free agent so to speak in can while he's overpricing himself in many different fight negotiations If he comes back he's a good fighter dimitrius android in there with the right opponent. I think people will be interested in seeing but But if mikey garcia in a tuneup fight is your only. Us fight in four or five months. That's just not enough. If you're a subscriber. I thought over the summer keep golden. Boy did a pretty nice job of of giving them something right. Sorry let me let me apologize completely. Forgot because the joe dias right against hobby. That was a good car now and fight and they put a good replacement opponent in there for ryan garcia. So i that that actually was a good show unfortunately. And yeah the the virgil ortiz in there with coupla excellent. I thought that was another burglar who has the as maybe not the biggest star in boxing as a potential to be a really really top fighter in boxing. Thought that game a little bit. Now we get into the fall. And i look. I think there's a lot of pressure. On eddie hearn to start making big. Us flights he's got a stable of fighters that need to get out. You mentioned some of them to meet your andrey has got to get out. Before the end of the i hear from people at dimitrius esteem harassing me. If i know what's what kind of going on with his next fight you've got as you said devon haney you've got guys that are world championship level guys gotta get out gotta get out in the right fights. I'm pretty disappointed that we could. We didn't get a monkey. Garcia regis program fight put together. I don't know why that that fell apart. But that would have been guys every boxing fan out there would have wanted to see. Mikey gets regis. You're doing like the dallas area. He gets some regis fans louisiana yet. Mikey's fans from it was done well in texas. That would have been an excellent point but those are the type of fights. Eddie harness gotta stop putting together. While the thing is chris. I turned fifty last week. So maybe i'm starting to lose my memory a little bit memory enhancers but but the virgil ortiz. Fight on a night when there were two other cards on. Espn and showtime was clearly the best fighter the night a great performance from virgil ortiz. Knocked out kavaliauskas after getting buzzed earlier in the fight So there were two two car to golden boy cards with an basically a one month span there five weeks fan. That were pretty good but short of that yet. You're a you're going to have to..

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