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C four basically CC prime pursuing of completions. So that's pretty much over average over a quarterback above average quarterback in the NFL. Is forty thousand yards three hundred and twenty six inch downs and only seventy nine interceptions. Extremely low compared to a lot of quarterbacks in the league right now, his QBR's one hundred three point six basically a hundred five basically when he's seasoning. So he's basically always in the top five top rank quarterback every year since he's came in the league breach. Into answer that he also has two thousand rushing yards to twenty seven twenty seven hundred. To be exact in twenty five touchdown. So I mean. What makes him a better quarterback as he's mobile? And he's extremely accurate when he throws the ball twenty five touchdowns. And then the two thousand rushing yards pretty much puts him over Brady Brady whenever rush for that much. Although Brady does five thousand Brady does have five thousand completions on sixty four percentage. So basically that's pretty much the same except he has more yours. He has five hundred four touchdowns but Brady awesome has one hundred sixty seven interceptions which goes back to why eh is. So extremely accurate is is and Brady only has ninety seven point six QBR, which is compared to here are a hundred and five. If you want to compare the rushing yards Brady only has nine hundred ninety seven no comparison, which is extremely no comparison in another another thing that here and hasn't beat on Brady only nineteen touchdowns. So what what rushing? What what are the matter who what about for? I me I'm just saying weekly quarterback clear or tobacco. Especially looking at you looking at. What? Quarterback with a better QBR air on. Probably. Does that make them better? Now his point he was trying to prove. Two yard with a quarterback who points placing new job really physically horizon or something like that. No, look it up. I mean, but but I mean, the more. But I mean, the more you go. Well, that's the thing though. The more, you know, more people into it more quarterbacks into the conversation way out the way because then you wanna start comparing and shit if you wanna take into that. Because if you want to say, oh, would you release has most completions? Okay. Well, where's this rings Healy as we talk on his as multiples? So it's like if we wanna keep it just Brady rock keep it just Brady and Rogers, otherwise we gonna go into whole different kind of achievements in. You know, life won't career war winning shake when we supposed to be speaking between two people. I wanna know why why like New England is a system in my eyes. Loop with mad cow when he played when Tom Brady was hurt, bro. Matt castle where he did when Tom Brady with hundred. I'll be game. It don't matter, bro. Matt castle is trying he got a next he got in that system, and they were still winning. Jimmy, Garoppolo got one hundred forty million dollar contracts. Five starting four or five games patients. Suspended. They're saying Tonio Spurs. Fifty. I want to be present for the drip. I want to hear nobody seeing that. Deputy how many games have sixteen game carry them from Dan went together. Scenes in at the Tom Brady on accurate. Plus your words that council Jimmy Garoppolo and grits win a ring. The court Becker place all. Possible. Very possible. Era. Because of the fact you said. Very possible. With the with the web. With the weapons with the web is that he can have around you. Not doing what we're getting whoever the hair Reagan. Most the ball Pommery will not he nothing not a good at Tom Brady. Because. Okay. Great quarterback. Don't think wait Tamar goody drinking from how good news. He's just not better Rogers. The patriots. He could be a different. Quarterback. He'd be cool. Beauty is is better. Always up here in of all object that covered by switching to basketball. Own comrades. I like mixture I paying them any measures a payment plan to even more rings. The what pay many from New England. He'll have.

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