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Win was. Another one She. Career Vitnamese that's right but I can't think of anyone besides those three in Asia. Is a huge continent No How many people live in the continent of? Asia A couple of billion, the Broncos have gone over. To play an exhibition. A preseason game in Tokyo I remember twice in so we the first time we spent five days over, there and they were trying to develop American football Really and I went, to some of those practices. They they had it. Might have just been because the American bowls the played that week but they had a really good turnout Asian Boyz? Trying to learn how to play football about how many Asians? Live. In the United States so that's my question is why do. I mean do you have a lot of Asians have you had a, lot of Asian kids football for you I have had probably over twenty five years that I've had Ten What sports do Asians typically accelerate Kathy, golf, golf Mahjaja on, baseball John Mahjong tile game baseball and. Golf, I the only two I can think of Well yeah Ming pretty good basketball There's only ask. Ballplayers though Tedy Bruschi is Asian if you go to the, list of best Asian football players. Tedy Bruschi is on, the, list Roman Gabriel Filipino On more Filipinos. Boy Roman Gabriel was one tough cookie one on top ten. Asian football players Gabriel award had. A thousand catches At twelve thousand watts Hines ward was a. Hell of. A. Player she was yeah Tedy, Bruschi says. Three rings Johnny Morton one of his. Parents Asian Johnny Morton the receiver for the, bears bears and lions and he played USC Ben Lieber who is. Actually the color analyst for the vikes. Probably bump, into. In the hallway one of, his parents. As Asian linebacker does he look Asian. So there's a few even Asian kid right, now with you Currently.

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