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And you'd get other views by asking farmers politicians salesman zohre heads of households they were going get to some broad thoughts on the state of the economy and so here's here's some thinking on longterm economic trends economists bill lafayette and matt roberts are induce sort it all out today on town hall hayel this is town hall ohio home to interesting people engaging issues and enlightening stories john hall ohio was the production of the ohio farm bureau federation working to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers and is supported by nationwide nationwide is on your side now here's town hall ohio host joe cornelie so little inside baseball undoing a radio show if you're going to talk economics you need to find some economists sued know their subject matter and who can put it all in plain english this week at couldn't find either so bill in a matter here just kidding of course today's guests actually do know their stuff and make it understandable and they are the owners of their own firms dr bill lafayette formerly worked for the columbus chamber of commerce taught at the university level and in two thousand eleven founded his own firm region nommik dr matt roberts spent fifteen years in agriculture environmental and development economics at the ohio state university and then formed of the kern mental group in twenty sixteen bill matt welcome back to the show thank you joe thank you jay and i promise i will take a more swipes at your professional skills further although more than welcome so bill are going to just start with you uh we'll get into some specific pieces of the economy but if somebody walked up to you on the streets said how's the economy how would you respond i'd say that the economy is generally halfway decent were getting decent growth certain we nothing earthshattering but growth that manageable growth that strong enough to absorb the increasing labour force at the national level so yeah thanks her reasonably good matt your thoughts i would agree so a lot of what that is going to depend on is weird that.

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