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To the public so more people can be helped they ally are saying they're afraid to open up because they'd be overwhelmed by too many people but that's the problem they created by keeping it close. I think they just create a bigger problem. Tell you every day all of us. Legislators get these. Desperate pleas calls from our constituents. People are on their these literally begging. Because as sergio mentioned they can't pay their rent there to not be able to afford to provide for the basic needs of their family for their old. The unemployment office has been closed to person services for nearly a year now. Both the state and organizers of today's rally says the labor department is doing their best lockers are working to get more bodies to help process claims and hope. They can reopen to in person services to chelsea davis hawaii news. Now thank you charles. While jobless workers protests poor service the state legislature moved swiftly to protect their employers from higher taxes companies and nonprofit agencies were facing unemployment tax hike because of the surge in claims. The money needed to cover more than a billion dollars in claims. Lawmakers and business leaders introduced a bill to prevent those increases. But we know it's going to be a long path towards economic recovery but this is definitely a one a compelling definitely important issue l. a top priority for us governor ige is expected to sign the bill lawmakers say they still hope to find money to cover the unemployment shortfall by budget reorganization and new federal aid state reports four more covert related deaths to on. Who end to on maui. There are also fifty new infections. Twenty four on maui. Sixteen on who to on the big island one on coeli and remaining cases were reported on states. The world's first one shot covert vaccine is another step closer to emergency use authorization. Researchers found that johnson and johnson's single-dose vaccine is eighty five percent effective at preventing severe covert vials also could be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures for three months. The fda is expected to make a final decision on johnson. And johnson's vaccine in the coming days. Longs drugs is offering vaccine appointments at four new locations on oahu. It's to have a beach. I know high not an easy lay and also to the kylo corner alongs on the big island. A spokesperson says roughly forty-six hundred doses of pfizer vaccine will be available for patients in the one. Beef as registrations are open at cvs dot com. He's woolcock medical center. Is taking new appointments for kupuna seventy five years and who wants to get their first kovic. Shot appointments are open friday and next week. Monday the veterans memorial hospital and these samuel martin lana memorial hospital will also vaccine clinics on those days. You'll have to register online at wilcox. Health dot org slash vaccine and in just the past our honolulu. Police announced the end of their krona virus. Email and hotline. Because it's getting fewer tips just about ten calls and to emails every day. The program launched last august and has received more than thirty two thousand calls and emails. Hp callers can so reportcovid rule. Violators by calling. Nine one one. It mckee officers arrested. A man after a barricade situation it started around nine this morning at an apartment building on young street near pensacola. Investigators say twenty seven year old. Neil ray barricaded himself in his room. After threatening his roommate with a kitchen knife. he surrendered to police after about two hours. No one was hurt. Diver was hospitalized after he ran into trouble in waters off kyalo base in this morning. Emergency medical services say it appears the man in his forties. Return to the surface to quickly. He was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Golf great tiger woods is awake and responsive was in in california crash. The forty-five-year-old was driving to eight television. Shoot when his se crashed into a median and rolled over. Jay great. has the update. As tiger woods begins his recovery inside this california hospital. We're getting a better idea of what doctors described as significant orthopedic injuries to his right leg. He had multiple fractures. So when you go in surgically they have to repair all those pieces piece them all back together and make sure it's stable surgeons spent several hours preparing woods fibula and tibia where a rod was put in place along with a combination of screws and pins used to stabilize injuries to his foot and ankle opposed to a social media account. This morning says he is awake and responsive over with the golfing. Legend was injured in a single car accident on a winding road about thirty miles. South of downtown los angeles firefighters using an axe and pry-bar to pull woods from his mangled. Suv that they say was traveling at a relatively greater speed than normal when it hit the center median than rolled several times. Deputy carlos gonzales was the first officer at the scene. I don't think he was aware of how gravely he was injured at the time. It could be a mixture of adrenaline. It could have been shock again. It was very quick stunned. Fans and fellow athlete sharing their concern and support online some wondering if he'll return to competition but right now there's a more immediate concern about you. Know his quality of life and being there for his kids. And that's the most important thing right now. Dr say woods will spend several months in rehab and recovery. Jay gray hawaii news now in the wake of a deadly winter storm last week. Texas governor is promising answers to community members outraged by the state's main. Power operator governor greg. Abbott addressed at the stay just a few hours ago days. After extending subfreezing temperatures caused widespread outages. Abbott says the electric reliability council of texas repeatedly assured state leadership. They were prepared for such an event. Those assurances turned out to be false. We now know that power generators of all sources were not prepared for this severe winter weather. We have also learned that. Urquhot operators shut. It acted quicker to stabilize the grid. After prevent power generators for being knocked offline. The storm is blamed for at least eighty deaths. And that number is expected to rise governor. Abbot says the state is also looking into reports of skyrocketing power bills from last week he says residents will not have their power shut off because of unpaid bills on the investigate and now for a look at the conditions here at home. Here's guy honky. Well we've been telling you about this for the last several days. Then it's come to pass right. It's very very windy out there. Especially in maui. County no these are sustained winds some places have got gusts almost forty miles an hour and as such there was a handful of weather related alerts posted all coastal waters are under a small craft advisory. We still have large waves rolling into the ish. Or that's a high surf advisory but more urgent. The wind advisory posted for parts of maui county and the big in these areas shaded in yellow could get gusts upwards of fifty miles an hour and that could lead to spotty power outages so be careful out there other more details on the windy weather coming up in a little.

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