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To the downtown junction and 60 is 21 minutes 65, South Bronx. Home into the junction is a 42 minute commute again. I'll have more on that crash in the next few minutes. All right, Children, All right. Thanks for the new this morning, New York City's first and only black mayor has passed away talking about David Dinkins. He died last night at the age of 93. Jenkins was the mayor of the Big Apple from 1992 1993, according to the NYPD Dinkins health aide found him unresponsive in his apartment. He's believed to have died. Of natural causes. Just uncanny. Deputies are asking for your help. Now is they're looking for a man they say shot and killed a teenage teenager early this month. Now, Antonio Nichols faces capital murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing 18 year old Jamaar Dimitrius Harris happened back on November 9th in the parking lot of the park brick apartments. So if you know where Nichols is called Crime stoppers Numbers on your screen there, 2547777 Dispute between Chicago nursing home workers and a company called Infinity is expected to continue this morning. Nearly 700 nursing home care givers walked off the job in 11 different infinity facilities Monday in the Greater Chicago area. The employees are demanding higher wages, hazard pay and a sufficient supply of personal protective equipment. Infinity is yet to provide comment on this situation. Well, we've been talking a lot about folks traveling for the holidays, and if it's safe to do so, yeah, the recent surge in Kobe 19 cases across the country is forced to CDC said. Hey, maybe you shouldn't fly the friendly skies but a lot of reports seeing a lot of busy travelers. In fact, we have a scene here from l A X. They're pretty busy over the weekend, and there's a response from a few people when they were asked why they're okay with Flying to see loved ones. 64 years old and I just want to enjoy what we can enjoy while we can. So I took the chance. You have this plan we go every year. And, uh, We called the resort and they're following.

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