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Zeba Michigan state. Maybe if they get the win, and what would be three over the wolverines this year Sparty would have thirteen quad one win. So we'll find out coming up a little bit later this afternoon and don't forget selection Sunday, the official hall of the reveal right here on Westwood One. Now, four hours away right here on many of these same. Westwood One stations thirty to twenty three over in the lead over Tennessee at the half. We'll go back to Brandon gardening. We'll Purdue in Nashville when we return this is Westwood one's coverage of the SEC championship. The army national guard. It's men and women trained to be their best. It's Americans committed to the ideal of the citizen soldier. It's our neighbors. The ones dedicated to defending our freedoms and protecting our way of life like the father of three who served on the front lines during Desert Storm or the accountant who spent last weekend with her unit destroying tons of illegal drugs stopping them from reaching our streets or the students who took two weeks in the summer to help rebuild a flood ravaged town. The army national guard is all of these people people like you and me strong, dedicated capable honest proud, and they will always be here serving the communities. They're part of just as the army national guard has been doing for over three hundred and fifty years the army national guard Americans at their best become the best..

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