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First stages hair salons barbershops not on that list so far but that didn't stop one hair stylist from opening her Dallas the launch she's now been slapped with a restraining order Chile Luther has become the face of the anti lockdown movement in Dallas appearing at a rally and tearing up the citation she received for refusing to close her hair salon on Tuesday she was served with a temporary restraining order that says she's endangering the public health I know that I'm not closing the salon she's now facing fines or worse that means I have to go to jail logo Luther says returning is preparing an appeal Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas the World Health Organization today pushing back against allegations that did not inform countries including the U. S. early enough in the outbreak began in China sounded the alarm medley and we sounded it often whose director general Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus says from December thirty first when the who was first alerted to a cluster of cases to January thirtieth when there were eighty to diagnose cases outside of China and no deaths the who declared a global public health emergency president trump announced that the U. S. withholding funding due to whose response the coronavirus slowdown taking its toll from small business to big industry the nation's economy shrank by four point eight percent from January to March in the layoffs continue Boeing says a corona virus outbreak has delivered a body blow to its business Boeing is now seeking to cut about ten percent of its work force over sixteen thousand employees it'll try voluntary measures and involuntary layoffs is needed Boeing CEO sending an internal email to employees saying the cuts will be the deepest in Boeing's commercial airplane unit the company plans to reduce production of the seven eighty seven and the triple seven Alex stone ABC news you're listening to ABC news this is news radio eight forty WHAS your news now it's two o'clock good afternoon I'm Suzanne Duval newsradio eight forty WHAS the Kentucky Air National Guard will have two military planes fly over the Commonwealth this week to show appreciation for those fighting against code nineteen to see one thirties will fly across the state Friday launching from Louisville and moving through Frankfort Lexington Pikeville Bowling Green Owensboro and more a man is dead and another injured after a car was hit by a train in Hardin county it happened around eight last night and running Phil investigators say the driver of the vehicle failed to yield to the oncoming train harden county sheriff's deputies say there are no lights or arms at the railroad crossing officials say the car's passenger nineteen year old hunter srna of vine Grove died at university hospital the nineteen year old who was driving hasn't been identified cosco members will need to cover their faces while they shop starting next week the wholesale retailer announced the requirement begins on may fourth they'll also be limiting how many people are inside members will be able to bring one guest in most U. S. stores but in Kentucky Porter Rico el Paso Texas will be limited to just members your next news update is a three I'm standing volleys radio eight forty W. H. A. S. hired radio wants.

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