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Traffic first slow on ninety four westbound from the lodge to fourteen three only twenty five miles per hour of the same on telegraph northbound from ninety four to being born in michigan arab eastbound from wyoming after where street that's only twelve miles per hour i'm mark mitchell wjr traffic and weather first from that kind of ucar jr weather center not a terrible halloween but there's been better clouds in still some lingering showers as we head into the afternoon windy and forty seven some clouds tonight thirty five the overnight low still fairly breezy too windy on wednesday november first cloudy windy and cold forty three from the weather channel i'm ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr and right now we have forty three degrees the dow is up thirty five points nasdaq is up thirty seven i'm marie osborne wjr news the next update's at three o'clock or whenever news breaks the the thought of my sons growing up without me inspired me to quit smoking i talked to my doctors and then i threw away all my cigarettes ashtrays and lighters i started exercising instead of smoking getting support from friends online kept me on track staying away from alcohol when i was first quitting was key instead of smoking after i ate i'd get up and take a walk i missed having a cigarette in my hand so i'd hold a pen or a straw anything and so i knew i wouldn't give into temptation i spent more time with my friends who didn't smoke i went to places that were smoke free i didn't stay quit the very first time i tried i kept on trying and i learned something each time do whatever it takes no matter how many times it takes i quit i quit i quit.

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