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It was immediately. After that, it sure looked like the less who's had a pretty big numbers. They had sort of tied up the numbers and then one two three three less who's gone so kudos to the commas for getting their act together. Once you know after after that total screw up at the start of the of the merge at this point in the game. I don't know what Ron. Back to serve Rick Evans, because I thought that that was miraculously that Rick Devon's was able to scale the roof at shelter while everybody was sleeping, and then pull this off and get this under. Everybody's knows. I mean that, you know, sometimes, you know, that the tin foil hat Twitter will say like, oh that he just found that that idol. Oh, isn't that? Isn't that a coincidence that he founded on idle? I mean, this was not a cheapie for Rick Devon's here tonight having to scale, and it's also like it's dark. You know? It's not like you can see kind of where you're going. It is pitch black on those long nights. And there's no there's no lighting right to camera light is for red, right? Which is why it so it's not like you're seeing through the from the camera light. So he is scaling this tree in the night. Who knows what like? Critter is dangling in that tree. I mean that was that was a pretty pretty bad ass. Idle. Idle snack. I only wish that maybe. I hope nobody gets hurt, but Rick Devon's could've fallen through the roof of the shelter. And then only. Yeah. Well, now, I can call you say that. Who laid man would do. That's that's a spirit animal. Okay. Maybe hold the item on the way down bust through the roof. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Some more questions. A why is do you feel like there's anyone on the edge of extinction who actually has a legit chance of coming back and making a run at winning. They're starting to feel more and more like a regular jury now rather than a place threat could come back from in gave Stephen are are your fishy. Senses. Tingling that somebody on the edge of extinction has a chance to come back. I mean, you look at who's there, you have some, you know, you've got Chris you've got Joe you've got Kelly Wentworth, you know, David Wright. A does extremely well. And all these challenges you have people there who do very well in the challenges. And I would not be at also whoever wins that challenge. You know, depending on what it presumably it's not gonna be like a slide puzzle. It's going to be a pretty tough congress where Aubrey was trying to get on tangles. That's right. She's been she's still practicing how how long does she get the practice?.

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